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My Selene  Sonata Arctica

Original chords of My Selene, from Sonata Arctica, in 1/2 step down!
[transp. by Beiliger Geist] 
Bm D A Bm Em F#m G A [x2]
:[Verse 1]:
[Bm]Nocturnal p[G]oetry:
Dressed [Em]in the whitest [A]silver, you'd smile at [Bm]me
Every night I w[G]ait for my sweet Sel[A]ene
[F#m] But, still...
:[Verse 2]:
[Bm]Solitude's up[G]on my skin
A l[Em]ife that's bound by the ch[A]ains of real[Bm]ity
Would you let me [G]be your Endymi[A]on?
I would [Em]bathe in your [F#m]moonlight and s[G]lumber in pe[A]ace
Enchant[Em]ed by [F#m]your kiss in [G]forever sl[A]eep
But [Bm]until we u[D]nite I l[A]ive for that n[Bm]ight
[Em]Wait for [F#m]time T[G]wo souls ent[A]wine
In the [Bm]break of new d[D]awn My [A]hope is for[Bm]lorn
Sh[Em]adows, they will [F#m]fade But I'm [G]always in the s[A]hade
Without y[Bm]ou...
:[Verse 3]:
[Bm]Serene and s[G]ilent sky
[Em]Rays of moon are d[A]ancing with the t[Bm]ide
A perfect s[G]ight, a world div[A]ine
[F#m] And I...
:[Verse 4]:
[Bm]The loneliest c[G]hild alive
[Em]Always waiting, se[A]arching for my r[Bm]hyme
I'm still al[G]one in the dead of n[A]ight
[Em]Silent I [F#m]lie with s[G]mile on m[A]y face,
[Em]Appearance [F#m]deceives and the silence[G] betrays[A]
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As I w[Bm]ait for the [D]time My d[A]ream comes a[Bm]live
[Em]Always out of [F#m]sight But n[G]ever out of m[A]ind
And [Bm]under waning [D]moon S[A]till I long for [Bm]you
Al[Em]one against the l[F#m]ight [G]Solitude am [A]I[Bm]
In the [G]end, I'm ens[F#m]laved by my dr[Bm]eam
In the [G]end, there's no [F#m]soul who'd bleed for [Bm]me
:[Guitar Solo Base]:
[C] [A] [Dm] [Dm]  
[F#m]Hidden from daylight I'm sealed in my cave
Trapped in a dream that is slowly turning to a [D]nightmare
Where I'm all alone.
[E]Venial is life when you're but a dream
The book is still open, the pages as empty as [F#m]me...
:[Keyboard Solo]:
[Em]I cling to a [F#m]hope that's be[G]ginning to[A] fade,
[Em]Trying to b[F#m]reak the desolation I[G] hate[A]
But [Bm]until we un[D]ite I l[A]ive for that n[Bm]ight
[Em]Wait for [F#m]time T[G]wo souls ent[A]wine
In the b[Bm]reak of new d[D]awn My ho[A]pe is forl[Bm]orn
[Em]We will never m[F#m]eet Only M[G]isery and m[A]e
:[Cborus steps up]:
This is [Dm]my final c[F]all [C]My even[Dm]fall
[Gm]Drowning into t[Am]ime [A#]I become the n[C]ight
By the l[Dm]ight of new [F]day [C]I'll fade a[Dm]way
[Gm]Reality cuts [Am]deep W[A#]ould you bleed with [C]me
My Sel[Dm]ene
By Heiliger Geist ;)

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