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Leather and Lace  Stevie Nicks

(1981 w/m stevie nicks)
[-----]D | D/C | G/B | D/A | G | D/F# | A11 | % |

D | D/C | G/B | D/A |
IS love so fragile? And the hearts so hollow
G | D/F# | A11 | A11 |
Shatter with words impossible to follow
You're sayin' I'm fragile. I try not to be.
I search only for somethin' I can't see.
I have my own life, and I am stronger than you know.
But I carry this feelin' when you walked into my house
That you wouldn't be walkin' out the door.
Still I carry this feelin' when you walked into my house
When you walked into my house that you won't be walkin' out
the door.
Chorus - both

G | A | G | A | G | A |
Lovers forever, face to face, my city or mountains.
G | A | G | A | G | A |
Stay with me stay. I need you to love me. I need you today.
G | A | G | A11 | % | % | % |
Give to me your leather. Take from me my lace.
[----]You in the moonlight with your sleepy eyes,
Could you ever love a man like me?
And you were right: when I walked into your house,
I knew I'd never want to leave.
Sometimes I'm a strong man,
Sometimes cold and scared,
And sometimes I cry.
But that time I saw you, I knew with you to light my nights,
Somehow I'd get by.

A11 % is A rest
om: (Jeffrey Ma)
Date: 29 Jun 1995 00:49:25 GMT
Subject: CRD: Leather and Lace
A while ago Ryan Sheeler ( posted the chords
to Leather and lace. Since there was no version in OLGA at the
time, I thought I'd put the chords to the lyrics and submit it.
I finally got around to it, and wouldn't you know it, there's
a version in OLGA now! Well, I'm posting it anyway because:
1. I've already typed it out
2. I've written the chords throughout the song, since the timing
of the chord changes vary from verse to verse. This version
might be a little easier to follow than the one in OLGA.
The two version are very similar, but there are some small differences.
My thanks to Ryan for originally posting the chords. Enjoy.
Leather and Lace
Stevie Nicks
* capo 1st fret
* each chord played for half a bar
* / indicates repeat chord
Intro: D D/C G/B D/A G D/F# Asus4
[D] Is love so [D/C]fragile...[G/B] and the heart so [D/A]hollow
[G] Shatter with [D/F#]words... im[Asus4]possible to fol[/]low.
[D] You?re sayin? I?m [D/C]fragile..[G/B]. I try not to [D/A]be
I search [G]only.. for [D/F#]something I can?t [Asus4]see.[/]
[D] I have my [D/C]own life..[G/B]. and I am [D/A]stronger than you [G]know.
[D/F#] [Asus4] [/]  
[D]But I carry this [D/C]feeling, [G/B]when you walked in[D/A]to my house
[G] that you won?t be [D/F#]walking out the do[Asus4]or.[/]
[D]Still I carry this [D/C]feeling, [G/B]when you walked in[D/A]to my house
[G] that you won?t be [D/F#]walking out the do[Asus4]or.[/]
[G] Lovers fore[A]ver..[G]. face to f[A]ace.
[G] My city or [A]mountains,[G] stay with me [A]stay.
[G] I need you to [A]love me, [G]I need you to[A]day.
[G] Give to me your [A]leather, take [G]from me my[Asus4] lace.[/] [/] [/]
[D] You in the [D/C]moonlight,[G/B] with your [D/A]sleepy eyes
[G] Could you ever [D/F#]love a man like [Asus4]me?[/]
[D] And you were [D/C]right,[G/B] when I walked in[D/A]to your house
[G] I knew I?d [D/F#]never want to le[Asus4]ave.[/]
[D]Sometime I?m a [D/C]strong man,
[G/B]Sometimes cold and [D/A]scared and sometimes[G] I cry.[D/F#] [Asus4] [/]
[D]But that time I s[D]aw you, I [G]knew with you to [D/A]light my nights,[G]
[D/F#]Somehow I?d get [Asus4]by.[/]
OUTRO (twice)
Take [G]from me,[D] my [A]lace.[/]
Thanks to Ryan D. Sheeler ( for providing
the chords.
--Jeff (

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A Asus4 D D/C D/F# G G/B
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