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Even in the Quietest Moments  Supertramp

Song: Even In the Quietest Moments
Artist: Supertramp; words and music by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson
Album: Even In the Quietest Moments (Track 3)
Year: 1977
The previous version was incomplete. This version contains all the lyrics and
chords. I do not know
the picking pattern for the guitar during the verses, chorus, or bridge so I did
not include it, I
included the chords for strumming (rhythm).
D6sus4: X-X-0-7-8-7
Dmaj7sus2: X-X-0-9-10-9
D7: X-X-0-5-7-5
G/D: X-X-0-4-3-3
Gm/D: X-X-0-3-3-3
Am: X-0-2-2-1-0
 D9: X-5-X-5-5-2 or X-5-4-5-5-X

Dm: X-X-0-2-3-1
D: X-X-0-2-3-2
Cadd9: X-3-2-0-3-0 (Note: a regular C chord works fine instead)
\* = begin strumming
*/ = end strumming (start picking again)
Intro and Verse Pattern
(continue through verse after intro in same pattern)
[D6sus4] [Dmaj7sus2] [D7] [G/D]  

[D7] [G/D] [Gm/D]  

[D6sus4]Even in the quie[Dmaj7sus2]test moments,
[D7]I wish I [G/D]knew,
[D7]what I had to [G/D]do.[Gm/D]
[D6sus4]And even though the [Dmaj7sus2]sun is shining,
[D7]well, I feel the [G/D]rain,
[D7]hear it comes [G/D]again,
\* Am D9
And even when you showed me,
my [Am]heart was out of tune[D9],
for there's a [Dm]shadow of doubt
[Am]that's not letting me f[Cadd9]ind you to soon.[D]
The [Am]music that you gav[D9]e me,
the [Am]language of my sou[D9]l,
Lord I w[Dm]anna be with you, won't you
[Am]let me come in from the c[Cadd9]old?[D] [Cadd9] [D]
[Cadd9] Don't you let the [D]sun fade away,
[Cadd9] don't you let the [D]sun fade away,
[Cadd9] don't you let the su[D]n be leaving,
Cadd9 D */
won't you come to me soon?
[D6sus4]Even though the [Dmaj7sus2]stars are listening,
[D7]and the oceans [G/D]deep,
[D7]I just go to [G/D]sleep.[Gm/D]
[D6sus4]And then I cre[Dmaj7sus2]ate the silent movie,
[D7]you become the [G/D]star,
[D7]is that what you [G/D]are,
\* Am D9
Your whisper tells a secret,
your [Am]laughter brings me jo[D9]y,
and a [Dm]wonder of feeling I'm
[Am]nature's own little [Cadd9]boy.[D]
But [Am]still the tears keep fal[D9]ling,
they're [Am]raining from the sky[D9].
Well there's a [Dm]lot of me got go
[Am]under before I get [Cadd9]high.[D] [Cadd9] [D]
[Cadd9] Don't you let the [D]sun disappear,
[Cadd9] don't you let the [D]sun disappear,
[Cadd9] don't you let the [D]sun be leaving,
no, you [Cadd9]come to me so[D]on.
And c[Cadd9]an't be leaving my li[D]fe.
Say that you [Cadd9]won't be leaving my li[D]fe.
Say won't you [Cadd9]please, say won't you pl[D]ease.
Lord won't you [Cadd9]come and get into my li[D]fe?
Say won't you [Cadd9]please, say won't you pl[D]ease,
Cadd9 D */
oh, Lord don't go...
[D6sus4]And even when the [Dmaj7sus2]song is over,
[D7]where have I [G/D]been,
[D7]was it just a [G/D]dream?[Gm/D]
[D6sus4]And though your doo[Dmaj7sus2]r is always open,
[D7]where do I [G/D]begin,
[D7]may I please come [G/D]in,
NOTE: Strum last chord slow; each note should sound out individually, not as a whole.

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Am Cadd9 D D6sus4 D7 D9 Dm Dmaj7sus2 G/D Gm/D
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