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Sowing the Seeds of Love  Tears for Fears

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 17:04:14 -0500
(Roland Orzabal / Curt Smith)
Verse One:

[Gm7]High time we mad[F]e a stand
And sho[EbMaj7]ok up the views of the common ma[Am/D]n
And the love trai[EbMaj7]n, rides from coast [Am/D]to coast
[EbMaj7]DJ's the man we love[Am/D] the most
[Gm7]Could you be could you be squeaky cl[F]ean
And sma[EbMaj7]sh every hope of democracy[Am7]
As the headline s[EbMaj7]ays you're free to choose[Am/D]
There's egg[EbMaj7] on your face and mud on you[Am/D]r shoes
[EbMaj7]One of these days they're gonna call it th[Am/D]e blues

[C]Sowing the see[CMaj7]ds of love[Am]
[AmMaj7]Seeds of love[FMaj7]
[Ab]Sowing the seed[G7]s
Verse two (same chords as verse one):

I spy, tears in their eyes
They look to the skies for some kind of divine
intervention, food goes to waste
So nice to eat, so nice to taste
Politician granny with your high ideals
Have you no idea how the majority feels
So without love and a promised land
We're fools to the rules of the government plan
Kick out the style, bring back the jam

[FMaj7] [EbMaj7]  
[FMaj7] [EbMaj7]  
[F] [EbMaj7]  
[F] [EbMaj7]  
[F] [Eb] [Bb]  
[F] [Eb] [Bb]  
[F] [Eb] [Bb]  
[F] [Eb] [Bb]  
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Verse Three:

[FMaj7]Feel the pain, ta[EbMaj7]lk about it
If you're a wor[FMaj7]ried man, then shout ab[EbMaj7]out it
[FMaj7]Open hearts, fee[EbMaj7]l about it
[FMaj7]Open minds, thin[EbMaj7]k about it
[FMaj7]Everyone, re[EbMaj7]ad about it
[FMaj7]Everyone, sc[EbMaj7]ream about it
[FMaj7]Everyone, ev[EbMaj7]eryone
[FMaj7]Everyone, re[EbMaj7]ad about it
[Eb]Read it in the books, in the crannies a[D7]nd the nooks there are books to read
(Chorus -- omit words)

[Am7] [D] Sowing the seeds of love
[Am7] [D] Sowing the seeds
[Am7]Sowing the seeds of love[D]
[Am7]Sowing the seeds of love[D]
[D]Mister England sowing [Ddim]the seeds of love[G5] [D]
Verse Four:

[Gm7]Time to eat all your word[F]s
Swallow your pride, [EbMaj7]Open your eyes[Am/D]
[Gm7]Time to eat all your word[F]s
Swallow your pride, [EbMaj7]Open your eyes[Am/D]
[Gm7]High time we mad[F]e a stand
And sho[EbMaj7]ok up the views of the common man[Am/D]
And the love train[EbMaj7], rides from coast t[Am/D]o coast
[EbMaj7]Every minute of every[Am/D] hour
[EbMaj7]I love a sun[Am/D]flower
[EbMaj7]And I believe[Am/D] [EbMaj7] in [Am/D]love [EbMaj7] power, [Am/D]love [EbMaj7] pow[Am/D]er, love

[Ab]Sowing the seed[G7]s
An end[Ab] to nee[G7]d
And the poli[Ab]tics of greed[G7]
M. Triana

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Ab Am Am/D Am7 Ammaj7 Bb C Cmaj7 D D7 Ddim Eb Ebmaj7 F Fmaj7 G5 G7 Gm7
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