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Don't Believe a Word  Third Eye Blind

Don't Believe A Word
Ursa Major
Submitted by:
Key: A
Tuning: Standard EADGBe
Chords used:
A - x02220
Asus - x02230
E - 022100
D - xx0232
[F#m]A/C#[-] - [244222]x476xx
Bm - x24432
[F]G [-]- [133211]320033
 Intro: A-E-D-- x3, A/C#-E-D--

Verse 1:
[A]Cigarette fingers ember stain
Incriminating notes on a paper chain
Did you [D]ever get the
feeling that you've been cheated?
I wanna bust out
I've not been defeated
We're all s[F#m]trong bones they hold no water
Got the whiplash smile this gets harder
[D]Time has wound down and now we've been cached
Because half measures are all half-assed and
[A]how did we ever end up this way
and I don't know I'm in disarray
[D]Cultivating my ignorance--
[A/C#]didn't we have some standards once?
[F#m]I hate you and your cowboy boots
though we wanted clever we settled for stupid
[D]Do it always so indiscreet
like a bad boyfriend he's a dirty little cheat
It's a [F#m]shallow vicious state of mind
like an [D]angry child getting dumped online
And [Bm]give me back my photos will you
D A-E-D-- x4
you fucking whore I'll kill you!
Chorus 1:
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve it) Don't believe a word
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve) Just keep on breathing
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve) cause pretty soon that
[A]good King [E]George will [D]wake up screaming
Verse 2:
[A]Our soundtrack is a soul less thing
some dull ache replace the sting
[A/C#]Rap stars brag about shooting each other?
Whatever happened to "brother brother"?
[F#m]We like thugs when they attack and
We like crime when it's black-on-black and
[D]Isn't this you, cruel-hearted fake?
And isn't this more than you can take?
Chorus 2:
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve it) Don't believe a word
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve) Just walk on by
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve it) cause this moment
will pass and [A]then we
[E]can [D]all get high yeah
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve it) Don't believe it
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve) Just keep on breathing
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve) cause pretty soon that
[A]good King [E]George will [D]wake up screaming
[Asus] [A] Wake up screaming[F] [G] Ha ha
[Asus] [A] Wake up screaming[F] [G]
[A]Ye[E]ah[D]hh! x4
Verse 3:
[A] Round up all the big lynch pins
Hope we don't get fooled again!
[A/C#]All sensation makes no sense
you got some insane confidence
I can't [F#m]find myself I can't change the station
in this corporate sell-out hillbilly nation
S[D]candalize now with such ease
America give me back my keys
[F#m]Sand it blows a soldier squeeze
[D]trigger on fake enemies
we're [Bm]all abroad and all alone
till [E]you come home bring them home
Chorus 3:
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve it) Don't believe a word
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve) Just keep on breathing
([A]Don't [E]be[D]lieve) cause pretty soon that
[A]good King [E]George will [D]wake up screaming
[A] [E] don't be[D]lieve a word
[A] [E] don't be[D]lieve a word no!
[A] [E] don't be[D]lieve a word
A E D A(hold)x6
don't believe a word

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A A/C# Asus Bm D E F F#m G
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