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The Reason Is You  Tiffany Alvord

Intro---- D G A C x2
I d[D]on't need[G] a reason to s[A]mile as I walk down t[C]he street
I d[D]on't need a re[G]ason for my[A] heart to feel co[C]mplete
N[D]ot another qu[G]estion, I'll [A]tell ya, no one cou[C]ld take your place
I g[D]uess that maybe [G]the answer [A]is written all over[C] my face
[D]I've bee[G]n, I've [A]been [C]noticin,
[D]You noti[G]cin me, [A]as I [C]noticed you
[D]I think [G]it's kin[A]da fu[C]nny
[D]How I lik[G]e you li[A]ke I[C] do
[D]Baby I am [G]crazy f[A]or y[C]ou
So [D]hot spar[G]ks a[A]re f[C]lyin
[D]This [G]is l[A]ove I[C]N W[D]INT[G]ERTIME
[A]Me[C]t [D]ya [G]on [A]5t[C]h avenue
[D]Never ta[G]lked[A] ar[C]ound the truth
[D]So hot[G] spar[A]ks are[C] flyin
[D]This is[G] love [A]and were not[C] tryin
[D]Met ya[G] on F[A]ifth [C]Avenue
[D]I love t[G]o sm[A]ile, a[C]nd the reason is you
[D]I don't[G] need[A] a reason to dance[C] under the stars
[D]I don't n[G]eed a reason to[A] blast our song[C] in the car
Not[D] another qu[G]estion of why I glo[A]w when I se[C]e you
[D]I guess that maybe [G]the ans[A]wer is that I j[C]ust want to be with you
[D]I've been, I[G]'ve [A]been not[C]icin,
[D]You noticin [G]me, [A]as I not[C]iced you
[D]I think it's[G] kin[A]da funny[C]
[D]How I like y[G]ou l[A]ike I do[C]
[D]Baby I'm cra[G]zy f[A]or you[C]
D G A C X2

[D]So hot spark[G]s ar[A]e flyin[C]
[D]This is love[G] and[A] were no[C]t tryin
[D]Met ya on 5t[G]h av[A]enue[C]
[D]Never talked[G] aro[A]und the [C]truth
[D]So hot spark[G]s ar[A]e flyin[C]
[D]This is love[G] and[A] were no[C]t tryin
[D]Met ya on Fi[G]fth [A]Avenue[C]
[D]I love to sm[G]ile,[A] and the[C] re[D]ason [G]is y[A]ou[C]
[D]You mak[G]e me[A] feel [C]like [D]nothi[G]ng i[A]n this w[C]orld [D]could e[G]ver [A]bring me[C] down
[D]You mak[G]e me[A] feel [C]so sp[D]ecial[G], so[A] sweet, [C]so pe[D]rfect, [G]as w[A]e walk t[C]hrough town
[D]There's[G] no [A]appare[C]nt re[D]ason [G]why [A]I feel t[C]he wa[D]y I do.[G]..
[D]But ma[G]ybe th[A]en agai[C]n, the[D] reason[G] is [A]you
[D]I've b[G]een, I[A]'ve bee[C]n noticin,
[D]You no[G]ticin [A]me, as [C]I noticed you
[D]I thin[G]k it's[A] kinda [C]funny
[D]How I [G]like y[A]ou like[C] I do
[D]Baby I[G]'m cra[A]zy for [C]you
[D]So hot[G] spark[A]s are f[C]lyin
T[D]his is[G] love [A]and wer[C]e not tryin
Met[D] ya on[G] 5th a[A]venue[C]
[D]Never [G]talked[A] around[C] the truth
S[D]o hot [G]sparks[A] are fl[C]yin
[D]This i[G]s love[A] and we[C]re not tryin
[D]Met ya[G] on Fi[A]fth Ave[C]nue
[D]I love [G]to smil[A]e, and t[C]he reason is you
[D]Oh, Oh[G], Oh, [A]Yea C[C]
The reason is you

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