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Come Down  Toad the Wet Sprocket

From Mon May 12 12:51:55 1997
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 19:52:15 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Come Down by Toad the Wet Sprocket
Come Down by Toad the Wet Sprocket
off the album Coil
Transcription by Scott Josselyn (
*Capo 1st Fret*
*All chords are relative to capo but all tab is relative
to nut (i.e. a "1" in tab is an "open" string)
Chords: G=320033 D/F#=200232 Em=0220(3)0 Cadd9=x32033
G/B=x20033 A7sus4=x02233 or 540055
A#6=650066 or x03366*
Cadd9(use this type to follow A#6)=870088 or xx5588*
*Guitar 2(Todd) plays arpeggios of these chords while Glenn
strums the rhythm with the first type
Todd's Riffs:
Riff 1 (intro and over 3rd chorus?)

Riff 2 Riff 3
(over all G-A7sus4 progressions) (over A#6-Cadd9 progressions)
 -13--11---8-----8---4----- -7---7---7---9---9----9---|
 -13--11---9-----9---4----- --7---7-------9---9-------|
 -10---8---1-----1---1----- ---4---4-------6---6------|
 -------------------------- --------------------------|
 -------------------------- --------------------------|
 -------------------------- --------------------------|

Song opens with feedback on an open A chord then:
G-D/F#-Em-Cadd9-G/B-A7sus4 x2
[G]open up and [A7sus4]let me in
[G]i was lucky to live, [A7sus4]dont need to win
[G]forgave myself and if[A7sus4] that's a sin
it's n[A#6]ot enough you'd [Cadd9]even know it
y[G]ou did right [A7sus4]to call my bluff
'ca[G]use i wont [A7sus4]say when i've had enough
a[G]nd i worked so [A7sus4]hard to need this stuff
a[A#6]nd you tried so long [Cadd9]to just ignore it
( Tab from: )
[G] [D/F#] [Em] wont you [Cadd9]come [G/B]down [A7sus4] where i am
[G] [D/F#] [Em] word are [Cadd9]hidden,[G/B] [A7sus4] understand
[G] [A7sus4] [G] [A7sus4]  
i won[G]t repeat my[A7sus4]self again
i wil[G]l not repeat [A7sus4]myself again
it's a[G]nother p[A7sus4]romise d.o.a.
and de[A#6]spite my every [Cadd9]hope
there is no t[A#]ruth behind my[Cadd9] best intentioned oath
[G] [D/F#] [Em] won't you [Cadd9]come [G/B] [A7sus4]down where i am
[G] [D/F#] [Em] words are [Cadd9]hidden[G/B], [A7sus4] understand
G D/F# Em Cadd9 G/B A7sus4 (hold........)
won't you come down
(still holding A chord........)
been away too long i know i have
(Chords:G-A7sus4 x3 A#6-Cadd9 x3)
 -/4-4-4--4-4-4-4-4-4-(times 4)-/4-4-4--4-3-1---3-4-------------------|
 -/12-12-12--/12-12-12-12---14-16-14-12--(times 3 then)--14b(16)------|

[G] [D/F#] [Em] won't you [Cadd9]come [G/B] [A7sus4] down, help me stand
[G] [D/F#] [Em] there is h[Cadd9]ealing[G/B] [A7sus4] in your hands
[G] [D/F#] [Em] won't you [Cadd9]come [G/B] [A7sus4] down where i am
[G] [D/F#] [Em] words all [Cadd9]leave [G/B]me[A7sus4]
[A7sus4]been away to long
i know i've [A7sus4]been away to long
i know i [A7sus4]have[A7sus4]
*the solo sounds like at least 4 guitars.. one playing rythmn one
playing riff 2 and two others that i tired to tab as one guitar...

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A# A#6 A7sus4 Cadd9 D/F# Em G G/B
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