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A Moment of Silence  Toh Kay


A Moment of Silence - TOH KAY

Tabbed by: Troispistols, Québec, Canada
I've written down the chords for "A Moment Of Silence" song of Toh Kay's (Tomas
Kalnoky) album "Streetlight Lullabies"
Toh Kay A Moment Of Silence
Capo 4th
A moment of[Em] silence, please, for those who [C]never get the chance[D]
[Em]They show up to the party, bu[C]t they're never asked to dance[D]
The [Em]losers and the liars and the b[C]astards and the th[D]ieves
[Em]The cynicists, yeah the pessimists, and th[C]ose that don't believe in [D]nothing
[Em] [C] [D]  
[Em]I never met a loser that I d[C]idn't see eye-to-[D]eye with,
[Em]I declare , I stare into your [C]eyes but you look right p[D]ast me into the air
[Em] What's it like to s[C]tand in your sh[D]oes?
To have [Em]never felt the belt [C]of somebody's ab[D]use?
[Em]I take the bottle and I t[C]ip it for all my h[D]eroes that have p[Em]assed
At last, you have l[C]eft us, but your st[D]ories they will l[Em]ast
Uninspired by the r[C]ecruiting [D]call
[Em] Independent we stand, inde[C]pendent we f[B]all
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Prechorus Verse
So tell m[Em]e how long do you t[C]hink you can go before you l[G]ose it all?
Before they c[D]all your bluff and watch you fall?[Em]
I don't know, but I'd [C]like to think I had control[G]
At some point, but I l[D]et it go and lost my soul[Em]
Sit tight, but the r[C]evolution's years away[G]
I'm losing faith and I'm r[D]unning low on things to say[Em]
So, I guess I have no ch[C]oice but to regurgitate[G]
The tired anthem of a l[D]oser and a hypocrite[Em]
Oh![C] To have d[G]ied that night, [D]I realized it wouldn't last[Em]
Our days were numbered and the [C]reaper tipped the hourglass[G]
The final mayday of our s[D]inking ship had come and passed[Em]
Oh![C] To the west[G], you don't know wh[D]at it is you're r[Em]unning from
And [C]everybody's laughing loud[G]
Last chance to make your m[D]other and your father proud
[Em] [C] [D] [Em] [C] [D] [Em] [C] [D] [Em] [C] [B]  
 Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

They said "a [Em]pox, upon your house, [C]upon your family [D]
And ever[Em]yone you ever knew, and every[C]one you'll ever m[D]eet"
[Em] I bet they think we wish we j[C]oined when we [D]could
But we [Em]do what we want and we don't [C]do what we sh[D]ould, yeah
[Em] Everybody's laughing, yeah they're t[C]hinking they're in on s[D]omething I don't [Em]get
Don't forget, I c[C]onnect and I read [D]every word you s[Em]aid
Like a child who [C]believes he was w[D]ronged
If you [Em]hate me so much, then s[C]top s[B]inging my songs
Prechorus Verse
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