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Drunk on the Moon  Tom Waits

I can't believe this is nowhere to be found on the web. Well, there's one guy on
but the only thing he gets right are the words. So yeah. It's not an easy tab, and I'm not even
to go near that insane solo saxophone bit. This is just the basic chord
progression driving the song.
In my opinion this sounds much better without hitting any open strings.. most of the time.
It's in 6/8 time. Or 3/4. I never get that right.
| Cmaj7 Dbm7b5 | Dm7 Ebdim7 |
| Em7 Fmaj7 | E7 Am7 |
| Fmaj7 F7 | Em7 A7 |
| Dm7 G9 | Cmaj7 C7 |
| Bm7 E7 | Am Am7/G D7sus2/F# |
| Fmaj7 F7 | Em7 A7 |
| D9 G9 | Em7 A7 |
| D9 G9 |
[Cmaj7]Tight-slacked clad [Dbm7b5]girls on the [Dm7]graveyard [Ebdim7]shift
'Neath the [Em7]cement [Fmaj7]stroll
Catch the [E7]midnight [Am7]drift
[Fmaj7]Cigar chewing [F7]Charlie
In that [Em7]newspaper nest[A7]
grifting [Dm7]hot horse tips[G7]
On who's [Cmaj7]running the best[C7]
And I'm [Bm7]blinded by the [E7]neon
[Am]Don't try and [Am7/G]change my t[D7sus2/F#]une
[Fmaj7]'Cause I thought I heard a [F7]saxophone
[Em7] [A7] [D9] [G9] [Em7]  
[D9]I'm[G9] drunk on the moon
[Cmaj7]And the moon's a silver [Dbm7b5]slipper
It's pouring [Dm7]champagne [Ebdim7]stars
[Em7]Broadway's like a [Fmaj7]serpent
Pulling [E7]shiny top-down [Am7]cars
[Fmaj7]Laramer is [F7]teeming
With that [Em7]undulating [A7]beat
And some [Dm7]Bonneville is [G9]screaming
It's way [Cmaj7]wilder down the [C7]street
And I'm [Bm7]blinded by the [E7]neon
[Am]Don't try and [Am7/G]change my t[D7sus2/F#]une
[Fmaj7]'Cause I thought I heard a [F7]saxophone
[Em7] [A7] [D9] [G9] [Em7]  
[D9]I'm[G9] drunk on the moon
[Cmaj7]Hearts flutter and [Dbm7b5]race
The [Dm7]moon's on the [Ebdim7]wane
[Em7]Tarts mutter their [Fmaj7]dream hopes
The [E7]night will [Am7]ordain
[Fmaj7]Come schemers and [F7]dancers
[Em7]Cherry delight[A7]
As a [Dm7]Cleveland-bound [G9]Greyhound
And it [Cmaj7]cuts through the night[C7]
And I've [Bm7]harked all my yester[E7]days
[Am]Don't try and [Am7/G]change my t[D7sus2/F#]une
[Fmaj7]'Cause I thought I heard a [F7]saxophone
[Em7] [A7] [D9] [G9] [Em7]  
[D9]I'm[G9] dr[Ab6/9]unk on the moon
The way I play the chords
A7 5x565x
Am x02210
Am7/G 302010
[Am7]Ab6/[575555]9 4x334x
Cmaj7 x35453
Dbm7b5 x4545x
D7sus2/F# 2x0210
D9 x5455x
Dm7 x57565
Ebdim7 x67575
E7 x79797
Em7 x79787
Fmaj7 x8(10)9(10)8
F7 x8(10)8(10)8
G7 3x343x
G9 3x323x

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A7 Ab6/9 Am Am7 Am7/G Bm7 C7 Cmaj7 D9 Dbm7b5 Dm7 E7 Ebdim7 Em7 F7 Fmaj7 G7 G9
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