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Yes, Anastasia  Tori Amos

Tori Amos ? Yes Anastasia
From "Under the Pink"
Tried to align it, but UG doesn't keep what I do, which makes me somewhat sad.
[Am]I know what you want[D]
your magp[F]ies have come[Am] [Am] [D]
[F] [Am]  
If you know [C/E]me so well then
[G]Tell me which hand I use[Em11]
2X: A5 A5/E A5/D Dm/F
Make them go[A5] [A5/E] [A5/D] [Dm/F]
Make it go[A5] [A5/E] [A5/D] [A5/E]
[A7sus4/E] Saw her there
In the restaurant Poppy don't g[D/E]o
[A7sus4/E]I know your mother is a good one
But Po[D/E]ppy don't go I'll take you home[A7sus4/E]
[A/E]Show me the things I[Asus4/E]'ve been missin'[A/E] [Asus4/E]
Show me the ways I forgo[Asus4/E]t to be spea[A/E]king
[A7sus4/E]Show me the ways to get back to the g[D/E]arden[A7sus4/E] [D/E]
[A7sus4/E]Show me the way[A/E]s to get ar[Asus4/E]ound the get around
[A/E]Show me the ways to[Asus4/E]
[A7sus4/E]Button up
[D/E]Buttons that have forgotten they'r[A/E]e buttons
Well we can't h[A7sus4/E]ave that forgetting that[A/E] [Asus4/E] [A/E] [A7sus4/E]
[A7sus4]Girls [D/G]
[Dsus4/G]What have we done what have we done to ourselves-yes[D] [A] [E]
[Am] [E] [Am] [G] [D7]  
[E] [A] [E] [A] [C] [G] [D] [G] [Asus4] 
[D]Driving on the vine[G]
[D]Over clotheslines[G]
But offi[D]cer I saw th[G]e sign[E5]
[E] [Am] [E] [Am] [D5] [G] [D5] 
[D5] [A5/E]  
Thought I'd been through this in 1919[D5] [D] [D5]
[Dm/F]Counting the tears [C]of ten thousa[Dm]nd me[C]n[G]
And gathe[A5/E]red them all but my feet are slipping[D5] [D] [D5]
[F]There's somet[C]hing we left on th[F]e wind[C]owsill[F] [C] [Am]
[F]There's somet[Am]hing we left yes[F] [Am]
[Dm]We'll see how brave y[Am]ou are[Dsus4]
[Dm]We'll see how fast yo[Am/C]u'll be running[Am]
[Dm]We'll see how brave y[Am]ou are[Dsus4]
[Dm/F]Yes Anasta[Am/C]sia[A5] [A5/G] [A5/D]
[F]And I know your d[C]ollies have friends[A] [D] [G] [A] [A/D] [A/G] [A5/E]
[A5/E]Thought she deserved no less than she'd give[D5] [D] [D5]
Well happ[Dm/F]y birthday[C]
Her bloo[Dm]d's on my [C]hands[G]
It's ki[A5/E]nd of a sha[A5/E]me
Cause I did like that dress[D5] [D] [D5]
[F]It's f[C]unny the t[F]hings[C] that you find in th[F]e rain[C] [E5/A]
[F]The thi[Am]ngs that you find[F] -in[A]
[A]In the mall and
[D] In the dat[G]e-mines
[A]In the knot still in her [D]hair[G]
[A]On the bus I'm
[D] On my [G]way down
[D] On my w[G]ay down
[D] All the gir[G]ls seem [G5]to be there
Repeat from above:
(We'll see how brave you are -oh yes
We'll see how fast you'll be running
We'll see how brave you are
We'll see
We'll see how brave you are -oh yes
We'll see how fast you'll be running
We'll see how brave you are
Yes Anastasia)
Come along now[A] little darlin'[D] [G]
Come along now[A] with me[G] [Eb]
Come along now[A] little darlin'[D] [G]
[Dm/F]We'll see how brave[Am] you are

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A A/D A/E A/G A5 A5/D A5/E A5/G A7sus4 Am Am/C Asus4 Asus4/E C C/E D D/E D/G D5 D7 Dm Dm/F Dsus4 Dsus4/G E E5 E5/A Eb Em11 F G G5
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