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Good-bye days  YUI


Goodbye Days - Yui

Tuning: Standard
I'm pretty sure this is right, if you have any questions email me at
Okay, so someone or something messed with my chords, and I only know this because some
the chords were missing from the tabs.
So I fixed it, and if I'm missing anything please email me and I'll be happy to fix it.
Asus2: x02200
E: 022100
Bm7: x24232
Dsus2: xx0230
D: xx0232
F#m: 244222
F#: 244322
C#m: x46654
G: 320033 (or) 355433
Dm: x57765
If i missed any chords tell me so i can put it up :)
If you want to do the version like the movie
the Intro goes:
F#m E Dm A(or Asus2 if you want)
[F#m] [E] [Dsus2]  
Other than that here is the song.
It's pretty basic and easy if you've played guitar for atleast a couple months.
[Asus2] [E] [Dsus2]  
[Asus2] [E] [Dsus2] [Dsus2]  
(For people who requested on youtube, here is the intro tab)
(Also, on a small note; whenever I put three lines in a row, it means strum. Usually
down up down'. If it's still confusing; then leave a comment requesting for a video
and I will post one on youtube.
[B7sus4] [E] [Dsus2] [D]  

[Asus2] Daka[E]ra[Bm7]ima [Dsus2] ainiy[Asus2]uku souk[E]imet[F#m]anda[E]
[Asus2] Poket[E]to[Bm7]no [Dsus2]konokyok[Asus2]uwo kiminik[E]ikaset[F#m]ai[E]
Bm7 C#m7(or C#m)
Sotto volume wo agete
Oh goodbye da[Dsus2]ys ima[E] kawa[F#m]rukig[Asus2]asuru kinou[Dsus2]madeni [E]so long[F#m] [F#]
Kakk[Dsus2]oyokun[E]ai ya[F#m]sashiga[Asus2]soba ni [Bm7]arukara [C#m] [Dm] La la la la la with you
F#m E Dm A(or Asus2)
[F#m] [E] [Dsus2]  
[Asus2] Kata[E]ho[Bm7]uno [Dsus2]iyaphon[Asus2]ewo ki[E]mini[F#m]watasu[E]
[Asus2] Yukk[E]ur[Bm7]ito [Dsus2]nagarek[Asus2]omu kon[E]o sh[F#m]unkan[E]
Bm7 C#m7(or C#m)
Umakuaisete imasuka?
[Bm7]Taman[G]imayou ked[E]o[F#]
Oh Goodbye [Dsus2]Days ima[E], kaw[F#m]ari hajime[Asus2]ta mune[Dsus2] no oku[E] all rig[F#m]ht[F#]
kakkoyok[Dsus2]u nai [E]yasashi[F#m]sa ga soba[Asus2] ni ar[Bm7]u kara[C#m] [Dm] La la la la la with you
F#m E Dm A(or Asus2)
[F#m] [E] [Dsus2]  
Dekire[F#m]ba kanash[E]ii om[Dsus2]oi nannte [Asus2]shitakunai de[F#m]mo yattekur[E]u desho[Dsus2]? oh[Asus2]
Sono t[F#m]oki egao [E]de yeah hel[Dsus2]lo! my friends [Asus2]nanntesa iye[F#m]tara ii[E]noni[Dsus2]
Onaji [Dsus2]uta wo[E] kuch[F#m]izusamut[Asus2]oki sob[Dsus2]a ni ite [F#m]I wi[F#]sh
Kakkoyo[Dsus2]ku nai[E] yasa[F#m]shisa ni ae[Asus2]te yok[Bm7]attayo [C#m] [Dm] La la la la la Goodbye Days
(however you want to end it, but the chords are:
[A] [E] [Dsus2]  
[A] [E] [Dsus2] [Dsus2]  
[A] [E] [Dsus2]  
[A] [E] [Dsus2] [Dsus2]  
[A] [E] [Dsus2] [Dsus2]  
[A] [E] [Dsus2]  
| / slide up
| \ slide down
| h hammer-on
| p pull-off
| ~ vibrato
| + harmonic
| x Mute note

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A Asus2 B7sus4 Bm7 C#m D Dm Dsus2 E F# F#m G
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