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Across the Alley From the Alamo  The Mills Brothers

Acr[G]oss the a[D]lley from the [Am7]Al -[D9] a - [G]mo
[Cdim]Lived a [G]pin [G/F#]- to [Em]pony [Cdim]and a [Am7]Nav -[D9] a - [G]jo
Who s[D]ang a [Am7]sort of [D9]In - di -[Cdim] an "[D]Hi -[Am7] de - [D7]ho"
To the [C]peo - [C/B]ple [Cdim]pas - [D7]sin' [G]by.[D7]
The p[G]into spent his t[D]ime a - [Am7]swish - [D9]in' f[G]lies
[Cdim]And the [G]Nav - a -[G/F#] jo w[Em]atched[Cdim] the [Am7]la - [D9]zy sk[G]ies
And [D]very r[Am7]arely [D9]did they [Cdim]ever r[D]est [Am7]their [D7]eyes
On the [C]peo - [C/B]ple [Cdim]pas - [D7]sin' [G]by.
Bridge 1:
One d[C]ay, t[C/B]hey [Am7]went [Am7/G] a w[G]alk -[G/F#] in' [Em7]
[Em6]A - l[C]ong [C/B]the [Am7]rail -[Am7/G] road tr[G]ack;[Am7] [G]
[G/F#]They were [Em]swish - in' [B+]not a - l[Em7]ook - in' -[Em6]-
Toot![Bm7-5] Toot! -- they [A7]never [Cdim]came b[D7]ack.
Oh, a[G]cross the [D]alley from the[Am7] Al -[D9] a - [G]mo
[Cdim]When the [G]summer [G/F#]sun dec[Em]ides[Cdim] to [Am7]set - [D9]tle l[G]ow
[D]A fly [Am7]sings an [D9]In - di -[Cdim] an "[D]Hi -[Am7] de - [D7]ho"
To the p[C]eo - [C/B]ple [Cdim]pass - [D7]ing b[G]y.[D7]
Acr[G]oss the a[D]lley from the [Am7]Al - [D9]a - m[G]o
[Cdim]Lived a p[G]in -[G/F#] to p[Em]ony [Cdim]and a [Am7]Nav -[D9] a - [G]jo
Who u[D]sed to [Am7]bake fri - [D9]jo - les[Cdim] in c[D]orn - [Am7]meal d[D7]ough
For the p[C]eo - [C/B]ple [Cdim]pass - [D7]ing b[G]y.
They t[G]hought that they would m[D]ake some [Am7]ea - [D9]sy b[G]ucks
[Cdim]By w[G]ashin' t[G/F#]heir fri - [Em]jo - les[Cdim] in [Am7]Duz a[D9]nd L[G]ux,
A p[D]air of [Am7]very [D9]con - [Cdim]sci - [D]en - t[Am7]ious c[D7]lucks
To the p[C]eo - [C/B]ple [Cdim]pass - [D7]in' [G]by.
Bridge 2:
Then they t[C]ook t[C/B]his [Am7]cheap[Am7/G] va - c[G]a - t[G/F#]ion, [Em7]
[Em6]Their s[C]hoes [C/B]were [Am7]pol - [Am7/G]ished br[G]ight;[Am7] [G]
[G/F#]No, they n[Em]ever he[B+]ard the w[Em7]histle--[Em6]
Toot! [Bm7-5]Toot! they're c[Cdim]lear out of s[D7]ight
Oh, ac[G]ross the a[D]lley from the[Am7] Al -[D9] a -[G] mo,
[Cdim]When the s[G]tarl[G/F#]ight [Em]beams[Cdim] its [Am7]ten - [D9]der g[G]low,
The b[D]eams [Am7]go to s[D9]leep and [Cdim]then there a[D]in't[Am7] no d[D7]ough
For the p[C]eo - [C/B]ple [Cdim]pass - [D7]in' [G]by.
Bridge 3:
One d[C]ay, t[C/B]hey [Am7]went [Am7/G] a w[G]alkin[G/F#]' [Em7]
[Em6]A - l[C]ong [C/B]the [Am7]rail -[Am7/G] road tr[G]ack;[Am7] [G]
[G/F#]They were [Em]swishin' [B+]not a-[Em7]lookin'--[Em6]
Toot![Bm7-5] Toot!, they [A7]never [Cdim]came b[D7]ack.
Oh, ac[G]ross the [D]alley from the [Am7]Al - [D9]a - [G]mo
[Cdim]When the s[G]ummer [G/F#]sun dec[Em]ides[Cdim] to [Am7]set - [D9]tle l[G]ow
A [D]fly s[Am7]ings an [D9]In - di -[Cdim] an "[D]Hi -[Am7] de - [D7]ho"
To the p[C]eo - [C/B]ple [Cdim]pass - [D7]in' [G]by.[Am7] [G]
A[G/F#]cross the [Am]alley [Am+7] [D7] from the[Am7] Al [Cdim]- a - [G]mo.

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A7 Am Am+7 Am7 Am7/G B+ Bm7-5 C C/B Cdim D D7 D9 Em Em6 Em7 G G/F#
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