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Sleigh Ride  Johnny Mathis

Intro: | CM7 Am | F G7 |
Just [G7]hear those sl[CM7]eigh bells j[Am]ingling, r[F]ing ting t[G7]ingling [CM7]too [Am] [F]
Come [G7]on, it's [CM7]lovely [Am]weather for a s[F]leigh ride tog[G7]ether with [CM7]you [Am] [F]
Out[G7]side the [CM7]snow is [Am]falling and f[F]riends are ca[G7]lling "You [CM7]Hoo"[Am] [F]
Come [G7]on, it's l[CM7]ovely w[Am]eather for a [F]sleigh ride to[G7]gether with [C]you[F] [C]
Giddy-[F#m7]yap giddy-yap, giddy-yap let's [B7]go, [E]
Let's [Cdim]look at the s[E6]now
[A]We're r[F#m]iding in a [A]wonderl[B7]and of s[E]now [E6] [E] [E6]
Giddy-[Em]yap giddy-[B+]yap, giddy-[Em7]yap it's g[A7]rand [DM7]
Just [F#m7]holding your [D6]hand
[Dm7]We're gliding a[G7]long with the song of a [Cdim]wintry [Fdim]fairy l[G7]and.
Our c[Fdim]heeks are [CM7]nice and [Am]rosy and [F]comfy c[G7]ozy are [CM7]we [Am] [F]
We're s[G7]nuggled [CM7]up to[Am]gether like two [F]birds of a f[G7]eather would[CM7] be [Am] [F]
Let's t[G7]ake the [CM7]road bef[Am]ore us and s[F]ing a [G7]chorus or t[CM7]wo [Am] [F]
Come [G7]on, it's [CM7]lovely [Am]weather for a s[F]leigh ride to[G7]gether with [C]you [F] [C]
There's a [G]birthday [Am7]party[G/B] at the h[C]ome of [G]Far[D9]mer G[G]ray
It'll[G] be the p[Am7]erfect [G/B]ending [C]of a p[G]erf[D9]ect d[G6]ay
W[Am7]e'll be s[Em]inging the songs we l[Am]ove to [Cdim]sing wit[B7]hout a [B7/F#]single s[Em]top
At the f[A]ireplace while we w[E7]atch the chestnuts [A]pop -- P[D7]op! Pop! Pop!
There's a [G]happy f[Am7]eeling [G/B]nothing [C]in the [G]world [D9]can b[G]uy
When they p[G]ass ar[Am7]ound the [G/B]coffee [C]and the p[G]ump[D9]kin p[G6]ie
[Am7]It'll [G]nearly be like a p[Am]icture [D7]print by[Cdim] Cur - ri - [B7]er and I[Em]ves
[G]These [Am7]wonderful t[G]hings are the [Am7]things we re[G]member
All th[Am7]rough our l[G]ives.
[A]These [Em7]wonderful t[A]hings are the t[Em7]hings we re[A]member
All t[Em7]hrough our l[A]ives.
Just [A7]hear those sl[DM7]eigh bells j[D6]ingling, [G/B]ring ting t[A7]ingling [DM7]too [D6] [G/B]
Come [A7]on, it's l[DM7]ovely w[D6]eather for a [G/B]sleigh ride to[A7]gether with [D]you[Bm] [G6]
Outs[A7]ide the s[DM7]now is f[D6]alling and [G/B]friends are [A7]calling "You [DM7]Hoo"[D6] [G/B]
C[A7]ome on, it's [DM7]lovely w[D6]eather for a [G/B]sleigh ride tog[A7]ether with y[DM7]ou[G/B] [D6]

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A A7 Am Am7 B+ B7 B7/F# Bm C Cm7 Cdim D D6 D7 D9 Dm7 Dm7 E E6 E7 Em Em7 F F#m F#m7 Fdim G G/B G6 G7
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