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What Is There to Say?  Ella Fitzgerald

Intro Verse:
D[A]ar - ling, [F#m]par - don my con - [D9]fu - sion,[E7]
[Fdim]But are y[A]ou an [F#m]op - ti - cal il - [D9]lu - sion?[E7]
[Fdim]And if [AM7]not, then[C#m7-5] what on e[D9]arth[Fdim] are you[Bm7-5] do - ing[E7/6] to m[A]e?
[A]If my sp[F#m]eech is wil - ly [D9]nil - ly,[E7]
[F7]It's be - ca[C]use I [Am7]can - not guild the [Dm7]lil - ly;[G7]
[Fdim] I should l[C]ove to [Gdim]sing your [F]prai - ses,
But [G]phra - ses and w[C]ords [Am]are[Bm7-5] sil - [E7]ly.
W[AM7]hat [A]is t[F#m]here to [D9]say?[E7] And w[A]hat is t[F#m]here to [D]do?[Fdim]
The d[A6/9]ream I've been [Cdim]seeking has, p[Bm7]rac-tic'-ly [Bm7/E]speak-ing,
Come t[A]rue.[F#7] [F7] [Fdim] [-] [E7]
[AM7]What [A]is t[F#m]here to [D9]say?[E7] And [A]how will[F#m] I pull [D]thro[Fdim]ugh?
I [A6/9]knew in a [Cdim]moment con[Bm7]tentment and[Bm7/E] home m[E7]eant [Fdim]just y[A]ou.
Y[A]ou [AM7]are [A7]so l[D9]ov - a - ble,[Cdim] so [AM7]liv - a - ble,[F#m]
[Cdim]Your b[D9]eau - ty is [Cdim]just [E7]un - for - g[A6]ive - a - ble;[A]
Yo[AM7]u're [C#m7-5]made to [F#7]mar - vel at, and w[E7]ords[D9] to t[A]hat[Dm6] ef - f[E7]ect.
[AM7]What [A]is t[F#m]here to [D9]say?[E7] And [AM7]what [A]is [F#m]there[Fdim] to [C#7]do?
My [A6/9]heart's in a[Cdim] dead - lock;
I'd[Bm7] e - ven face [Bm7/E]wed - l[E7]ock [Fdim]with y[A]ou.
I[A6/9] knew in a[Cdim] moment con[Bm7]tentment and[Bm7/E] home m[E7]eant [Fdim]just y[A]ou, [F#7]so
W[E7]hat[F#m] is t[E7]here[F#m] to s[D9]ay? [E7] And [F#m]what[Bm7] is t[F#m]here [Bm7]to [C#7]do?
My h[A6/9]eart's in a [Cdim]dead - lock; I'd [Bm7]e - ven face [E7]wed - [E7/6]lock [Fdim]with y[A]ou.

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A A6 A6/9 A7 Am7 Am Am7 Bm7 Bm7-5 Bm7/E C C#7 C#m7-5 Cdim D D9 Dm6 Dm7 E7 E7/6 F F#7 F#m F7 Fdim G G7 Gdim
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