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This Time Tomorrow  The Kinks

G d G d D du D du Em d Em d Em du D du (repeat)
T[G]his ti[D]me tom[Em]orro[D]w w[G]here w[D]ill we b[Em]e[D]
O[G]n a spa[D]ceship som[Em]ewhere[D] sa[C]iling acr[B]oss an e[Em]mpty [D]sea?
T[G]his ti[D]me tom[Em]orrow[D] wha[G]t wil[D]l we kn[Em]ow[D]
W[G]ill w[D]e still [Em]be here[D] wat[C]ching a[B]n in-flight m[Em]ovie sh[D]ow?[D7]
I'll le[Am]ave the s[G]un beh[D]ind me
And I'll wa[Am]tch the clo[G]uds as they sa[B]dly p[Em]ass me[C] by
Se[Am]ven mi[G]les bel[D]ow me I can s[Am]ee the wo[G]rld and it ai[B]n't so b[Em]ig at a[C]ll
T[G]his ti[D]me tomo[Em]rrow[D] w[G]hat wi[D]ll we s[Em]ee[D]
F[G]ields f[D]ull of ho[Em]uses,[D] en[C]dless ro[B]ws of cr[Em]owded stre[D]ets[D7]
I[C] don't know where I'm going, [G]I don't want to s[D]ee
I[C] see the world below me loo[Em]king up at [D]me
G d G d D du D du Em d Em d D du Dsus4 du (repeat)
L[Am]eave the s[G]un beh[D]ind me, and I w[Am]atch the cl[G]ouds as they sa[B]dly p[Em]ass me b[C]y
And I'm i[Am]n perp[G]etual mot[D]ion
And the wo[Am]rld bel[G]ow doesn't ma[B]tter m[Em]uch to m[C]e
Well, th[G]is ti[D]me tom[Em]orrow[D] wh[G]ere w[D]ill we [Em]be[D]
O[G]n a [D]spac[Em]eship somewhere[D] sa[C]iling ac[B]ross an e[Em]mpty s[D]ea
Well,t[G]his ti[D]me tom[Em]orrow[D] wh[G]ere wi[D]ll we [Em]be[D]
T[G]his ti[D]me tomo[Em]rrow[D] wh[G]at wi[D]ll we s[Em]ee[D]
T[G]his ti[D]me tom[Em]orrow[D]...
NOTE: d= strum down and u= strum up. Also, many of the D chords are
passing chords and don't really need to be played.
C d C d G du G du Am d Am d Am du G du (repeat)
T[C]his ti[G]me tom[Am]orro[G]w w[C]here w[G]ill we b[Am]e[G]
O[C]n a spa[G]ceship som[Am]ewhere[G] sa[F]iling acr[E]oss an e[Am]mpty [G]sea?
T[C]his ti[G]me tom[Am]orrow[G] wha[C]t wil[G]l we kn[Am]ow[G]
W[C]ill w[G]e still [Am]be here[G] wat[F]ching a[E]n in-flight m[Am]ovie sh[G]ow?[G7]
I'll le[Dm]ave the s[C]un beh[G]ind me
And I'll wa[Dm]tch the clo[C]uds as they sa[E]dly p[Am]ass me[F] by
Se[Dm]ven mi[C]les bel[G]ow me I can s[Dm]ee the wo[C]rld and it ai[E]n't so b[Am]ig at a[F]ll
T[C]his ti[G]me tomo[Am]rrow[G] w[C]hat wi[G]ll we s[Am]ee[G]
F[C]ields f[G]ull of ho[Am]uses,[G] en[F]dless ro[E]ws of cr[Am]owded stre[G]ets[G7]
I[F] don't know where I'm going, [C]I don't want to s[G]ee
I[F] see the world below me loo[Am]king up at [G]me
C d C d G du G du Am d Am d G du Gsus4 du (repeat)
L[Dm]eave the s[C]un beh[G]ind me, and I w[Dm]atch the cl[C]ouds as they sa[E]dly p[Am]ass me b[F]y
And I'm i[Dm]n perp[C]etual mot[G]ion
And the wo[Dm]rld bel[C]ow doesn't ma[E]tter m[Am]uch to m[F]e
Well, th[C]is ti[G]me tom[Am]orrow[G] wh[C]ere w[G]ill we [Am]be[G]
O[C]n a [G]spac[Am]eship somewhere[G] sa[F]iling ac[E]ross an e[Am]mpty s[G]ea
Well,t[C]his ti[G]me tom[Am]orrow[G] wh[C]ere wi[G]ll we [Am]be[G]
T[C]his ti[G]me tomo[Am]rrow[G] wh[C]at wi[G]ll we s[Am]ee[G]
T[C]his ti[G]me tom[Am]orrow[G]...
NOTE: d= strum down and u= strum up. Also, many of the G chords are
passing chords and don't really need to be played.
NOTE: Through the magic of word processing replace command, I have two
versions of this song, since singing it in the original key is hard for
me to do. Take your pick.
(from Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround, 1970)
(sent by Harlan at

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