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Thrasher  Neil Young

A nice song by neil... this is 100% have fun.
 E ----------3----------------------1--1-3--0------------------
 B ----------1----------------------1-------1---------------1--
 G ----------0----------------------2-------0-------------0----
 D -----0H2--2--0H2--2P0------------3-------2-----------2------
 A ---3------3----------3--2P0------3-------3-----0-2-3--------
 E ---------------------------3--1--1----------3--------------- 

C* F C
 E ------------------------------1--1--0------3--
 B ---------1--------1--------1--1--------3---0--
 G -------0--------0--------0----2------------0--
 D -----0--------2--------2------3------------0--
 A ---2--------0-----------------3------------2--
 E ---------------------3--------1------------3-- 

[F] [G] 
 E -------------3-------------1--1-3--0------------------
 B -------------1-------------1-------1---------------1--
 G -------------0-------------2-------0-------------0----
 D -----0---0H2-2--0H2--0-----3-------2-----------2------
 A ---3---3-----3----------3--3-------3-----0-2-3--------
 E ---------------------------1----------3--------------- 

C* F C
 E ------------------------------1--1--0------3--
 B ---------1--------1--------1--1--------3---0--
 G -------0--------0--------0----2------------0--
 D -----0--------2--------2------3------------0--
 A ---2--------0-----------------3------------2--
 E ---------------------3--------1------------3-- 

[F] [G] 
They were hiding behind hay bales,
They were pl[F]anting in the f[C]ull moon
They had g[C]iven [C/B]all they [Am7]had for [Am7/G]something n[F]ew [G]
But the light of day was on them,
They could s[F]ee the thrashers c[C]oming
And the w[C]ater s[C/B]hone like di[Am7]amonds
[Am7/G]In the d[F]ew. [G]
[F]And I was just g[G]etting up,
C* F F* F
Hit the road before it\'s light
F G C* Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 C
Trying to catch an hour on the sun
When I s[F]aw those thrashers ro[G]lling by,
Looking m[C]ore than [C/B]two lanes [Am7]wide [Am/C]
I was f[Dm7]eelin\' like my day had just b[G]egun.
Where the eagle glides descending
There\'s an [F]ancient river [C]bending
Down the t[C]imeless g[C/B]orge of ch[Am7]anges[Am7/G]
where sl[F]eeplessness aw[G]aits
I searched out my companions,
Who were l[F]ost in crystal ca[C]nyons
When the a[C]imless b[C/B]lade of s[Am7]cience
[Am7/G]Slashed the pe[F]arly gates. [G]
[F]It was then I knew I\'d [G]had enough,
C* F F* F
Burned my credit card for fuel
[F]Headed out to where the p[G]avement turns to s[C]and
With a o[F]ne-way ticket to the l[G]and of truth
And my su[C]itcase [C/B]in my h[Am7]and [Am7/G]
How I l[Dm7]ost my friends I still don\'t unders[G]tand.
They had the best selection,
F C*
They were poisoned with protection
C* C/B Am7 Am7/G
There was nothing that they needed,
[F]Nothing left to f[G]ind
They were lost in rock formations
Or be[F]came park bench mut[C]ations
On the si[C]dewalks [C/B]and in the s[Am7]tations[Am7/G]
They were wa[F]iting, wai[G]ting.
[F]So I got bored and l[G]eft them there,
C F F* F
They were just deadweight to me
B[F]etter down the ro[G]ad without that lo[C]ad
B[F]rings back the time when I was e[G]ight or nine
I was wa[C]tchin\' my mama\'s[Am7] T.V.,[Am7/G]
It was that g[Dm7]reat Grand Canyon rescue episo[G]de.
Where the vulture glides descending
On an a[F]sphalt highway be[C]nding
Thru libr[C]aries [C/B]and mus[Am7]eums,[Am7/G]
G[F]alaxies and st[G]ars
Down the windy halls of friendship
To the [F]rose clipped by the bu[C]llwhip
The mot[C]el of l[C/B]ost com[Am7]panions
[Am7/G]Waits with h[F]eated pool and b[G]ar.
[F]But me I\'m not s[G]topping there,
C F F* F
Got my own row left to hoe
[F]Just another l[G]ine in the field of t[C]ime
[F]When the thrashers comes, I\'ll be s[G]tuck in the sun
Like the di[C]nosaurs in shr[Am7]ines [Am7/G]
But I\'ll [Dm7]know the time has come
To give what\'s [G]mine.
Well thats it!

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Am/C Am7 Am7/G C C/B Dm7 F G
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