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My Fairy King  Queen

Words and Music by Freddie Mercury
Transcribed by Ognyan Seizov (
B - D x2 G G G - C x2
[G]Aa[G]h,[G-C] [Am]aah
C D Em/G Em x6
In[Em] the [Em]land w[Em]here ho[Em]rses bo[Em]rn with[Em] eagle [Em]wings
And [G]honey[G] bees[G] have lo[G]st their[G] stings[G]
There's s[C]inging for[G]ever, o[B]oh y[Em]eah
Lio[Em]n's de[Em]n with f[Em]allow d[Em]eer
And[G] rivers[G] made f[G]rom wine[G] so clear
[C]Flow o[C]n and [G5]on fore[D3]ver
[Am]Dragons f[Am]ly like spa[F]rrows thr[F]u' the air
[Am]And baby[Am] lambs where S[F]amson da[F]res
Am Am Bb Am Gm F Am...
To go on on on on on on
[Em] [F] [Dm] [Am] [D]  
[Em]My fa[Em]iry k[Em]ing c[Em]an see things (He rules the air and turns the tides)
[Am]That [Am]are n[Am]ot th[Am]ere for[C] you and [G5]me
[B]Ooh ye[Em]ah he guides the w[G]inds [C](M[C]y [C-G-D]fairy king can do right and nothing wrong)
Ah, th[Am]en came m[Am]en to sa[F]vage in th[F]e night
[Am]To run like[Am] thieves and t[F]o kill like kn[F]ives
To [Am]take away the [Am]power from the [F]magic h[F]and
Am Am F F A-F x4
To bring about the ruin to the Promised Land, aah, aah
Dmsus2-D x2 Bb-Gm x4 Am-F D G
They turn the m[D]ilk into s[G]our
Like the b[D]lue in the [G]blood of [D]my ve[G]ins (Why [D]can't you [G]see it?)
Fire burn[Em]ing in h[Am]ell with the cr[Em]y of sc[Am]reaming [Em]pain [Am] [Em] [Am]
(Son of heaven set me free and let me go)
[G]Sea turn d[G]ry no s[C]alt from s[C]and
[G]Seasons f[G]ly no he[C]lping ha[C]nd
G G C C Am Am x3-Dm (quickly)
Teeth don't shine like pearls for poor man's eyes, aah
Piano Solo: C-Csus2-Am x2
C-Csus6-Csus2 repeat C C Am C
Someone (someone) has drained the color from my wings
[C]Broken my fairy circle ring
[Dm]And sham[Dm]ed the k[Gm]ing in a[Gm]ll his pr[Dm]ide[Gm] [Gdim]
C[Dm]hanged the wi[Dm]nds and w[Gm]ronged [Gdim]the ti[Dm]des[Gm] [A3-A]
[F]Mother M[F]ercury[Bb] Mercury[Bb]
[F]Look wha[F]t they've[Bb] done to [F]me
[F]I cannot r[F]un I ca[Bb3]nnot hi[Bb]de
F F F F Bb Bb Bb Bb Bb Am Am Am Bbx4 Am Bb
La la la la la la la la la la la la
 Outro: Bb(6-chord) Bb(4/6-chord) Bbsus4 Am-Dm Am-Dm Bb Am Bb Am-Dm Am-Dm
 Am-Am-Am-Dm Am x4(arpeggios) G Am-G(arpeggios) Am-Dm x4 G-Am x4

[F] [F] [Dm] [Dm] [F#m] [Cmsus4] [C-Am] [D]  
Note: The verses in brackets are sung together with the "normal" ones and, consequently, use the same chords. In order to get the rhythm (since there are a lot of tempo changes and extravaganzas here), play along with the song and maybe till the fourth try you'll catch it! Wish you success:)))

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Am B Bb Bb3 C Cmsus4 D D3 Dm Em F F#m G G5 Gdim Gm
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