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Ava Adore  The Smashing Pumpkins

Song: Ava Adore
Release: Adore
Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Authors: 1. Jory Leanza <> (chords)
Neal Owens <> (solo)
2. elijah carlyle (
3. Tim Armati <>
Tuning: Eb
Intro: F#m, A5
It's[F#m] you that I adore[A] [F#m] [A]
You will a[F#m]lways be my heart[A] [F#m] [A]
You'll be a [F#m]mother to my [A]child, and a [F#m]child to my heart[A]
[E]We must [D]never be ap[F#m]art[A]
[E]We must [D]never be ap[A5add9]art
Lovely girl, you're the [C#m]murder in my world
Without [D5add9]you there aren't [Bm]reasons left to [A9]fight
(Play intro chords again)
And I'll [F#m]pull your crooked teeth[A] [F#m] [A]
You'll be[F#m] perfect just like me[A] [F#m] [A]
You'll be a [F#m]lover in my b[A]ed, and a [F#m]gun to my head[A]
[E]We must [D]never be ap[A5add9]art
[E]We must [D]never be ap[A5add9]art
Lovely girl, you're the [C#m]murder in my world
Dressing [D5add9]coffings for the [Bm]souls I've left to [A9]die
[A5add9]Drinking mercury[Cm] to the mystery
Of [D5add9]all that you should [Bm]ever seek to [A9]find... in [Bm]time
(Play intro chords again)
In [F#m]you I see dirty[A]
In [F#m]you I count stars[A]
In [F#m]you I feel so pret[A]ty
In [F#m]you I taste god[A]
In [F#m]you I feel so hung[A]ry
In [F#m]you I crash cars[A]
[E]We must [D]never be ap[Aadd9]art
(Guitar solo, starting from the last chord: C#m, D5add9, Bm, A9)
[A5add9]Drinking mercury[C#m] to the mystery
Of [D5add9]all that you should [Bm]ever seek to [A9]find
[A5add9]Lovely girl, you're the [C#m]murder in my world
Dressing [D5add9]coffings for the [Bm]souls I've left [A9]behind... in [Bm]time
[E]We must [D]never be [Bm]apart
It's [F#m]you that I adore[A] [E] [D]
You [F#m]will always be my heart[A] [E] [D]
And I'll [F#m]pull your crooked teeth[A] [E] [D]
You'll be [F#m]perfect just like me[A] [E] [D]
[F#m]In you I feel so dirty[A]
[E]In you I crash c[D]ars
[F#m]In you I feel so pretty[A]
[E]In you I taste g[D]od

I am not sure if this is completely correct.
This sounds really good when played with the song.
Guitar is tuned down 1/2 step. - Neal.

version 2

tab by elijah carlyle (

tuned down 1 step. (Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb)
keep in mind all chords are in relation to dropped tuning.
a D2 i'm talking about is played like this:
(it's probably supposed to be called
something else, but D2 sounds good)


intro and verse:
studio version is just bass:

...but the way he played it
at the viper room show
(solo acoustic) is as follows:

it's you that i adore
you'll always be my whore
you'll be a mother to my child
and a child to my heart
[E]we must [Bm]never be [F#5]apart
[E]we must [Bm]never be [A]apart
lovely girl you're the [C#m]beauty in my world
without [D2]you there are no [Bm]reasons left to [A]find[F#]
and i'll pull your crooked teeth
you'll be perfect just like me
you'll be a lover in my bed
and a gun to my head
we must never be apart
we must never be apart
lovely girl you're the murder in my world
dressing coffins for the souls i've left behind
[A]drinking mercury[C#m] to the mystery of [D2]all that you should
[Bm]ever seek to [A]find in [Bm]time[F#]
in you i see dirty
in you i count stars
in you i feel so pretty
in you i taste god
in you i feel so hungry
in you i crash cars
[E]we must [Bm]never be [A]apart
[A](so[C#m]lo)[D2] [Bm] [A]
version 3

Tim Armati <>
The intention of this transcription is to provide a sort of strum along
version to "Ava Adore". The guitar doesn't play a particularly large role
in the song's sound because of the prominence of electronic sounds so
essentially this for the sake of reproducing the song whilst one has a
guitar in their hot little hands.
The song is in the tuning of E flat however my version shown here is to
be played in this tuning but with the capo at the second fret. This may
make it simpler to play as it relies more on first-position chords.
Em~~~~~~~~G~~~Em~~~~~~~~G~~~ x2 note: listen to the song so as
to get the rhythm right
Verse: Repeat intro six times.
It's you that I adore...
Pre chorus:
D Am Em G (ie. intro and verse part once)
We must never be apart
[D]We must [Am]never be apart
[G] [Bm] [C] [Am] [G]  
Verse 2: same as verse 1
Pre chorus 2: same as pre-chorus 1
Chorus 2:
G Bm C Am G - twice. Then finish with Am.
Verse 3: same as verses 1 & 2
Pre Chorus: play original pre-chorus once.
Solo: The solo is played over the chorus chords played once thru.
This is not the solo to a tea. It has one or two extra notes added in so
as to give it a bit of continuum when playing it on an acoustic guitar.
Also the tone is different as I have transcribed it on different strings
than those that are heard to be played on the actual song.

Chorus 3: same as chorus 2 with extra G then Am tagged on
when Billy ends the chorus by singing 'We must never be apart'.
Outro verse:
Intro part twice then...
(note: In this section you can hear a guitar part on the recording that
doesn't include the playing of the G chord. Rather, it plays only Em
leading up to the D - Am part. I have included the G so as to take into
account the bass part which is soundind out G)
[Em]You'll always be my whore[G]
[Em]Cause you're the one that I[G] adore [D] [-] [Am]
[Em]Pull you're crooked teeth[G]
[Em]You'll be perfect just like m[G]e[D] [-] [Am]
Em (note: no G chord now)
In you I feel so dirty
[D]In you I crash cars[Am]...
Repeat (Em - D - Am) until the part where Billy's voice drifts off.
Outro: Here the bass closes the song out. For the sake of this
transcription here is the outro as interpreted for the guitar.
 D-2-2-2-2-0-2-0-2-2-2-2-- for as long as your little
 A-2-2-2-2-X-0-X-2-2-2-2-- heart desires I guess.

version 4

TUNING:1/2 step down
no guitar but i like to play this over it
(maybe there is one guitar very faint though)

PRE-CHORUS:"we must never be apart"



At the end there is guitar over the "in you I feel so dirty" part
and thats just the pre-chorus.I'm think you can figure out the lyrics
and where the chords go just by listening to the CD so this should
cover the song pretty well.

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A Aadd9 Am Bm C C#m Cm D D2 E Em F# F#5 F#m G
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