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Perfect  The Smashing Pumpkins

Song: Perfect
Release: Adore
Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Authors: 1. LuNaG0dess <>
2. Elijah Carlyle (
3. Michael Ries <>
4. Craig Newnes <>
5. "syn" <>
Tuning: Eb (unless otherwise stated)
 Intro: D-B-D-B-D-B-A-Em

i k[D]now we're just like [B]old friends [D]
you just [B]can't pretend [D]
that love[B]rs make amends [A] [Em]
we are r[D]eason[B]s so unreal [D]
we can't[B] help but feel [D]
that somethin[B]g has been lost [A] [Em]
so pleas[G]e you know you're j[Em]ust like me [D]
next time i[G] promise w[Em]e'll be...
[D]perfect, [B] per[D]fect, per[B]fec[D]t
s[B]trangers down the line [D]
[B]lover out of time [D]
[B]memories unwind [A] [Em]
so far[G] i sti[Em]ll know who you are [D]
but now[G] i wonder w[Em]ho i was [D-B-D-B-D]
a[D]ngel you know it'[B]s not the end [D]
we'll alway[B]s be good friends [D]
your letter[B]s have been sent on [A] [Em]
so ple[G]ase you always were s[Em]o free [D]
you'll see [G]i promise w[Em]e'll be
[D]perfect, [B] per[D]fect
[B]strangers when we meet [D]
[B]strangers on the street [D]
[B]lovers walk asleep [A] [Em]
[B]you know this has to be [D]
[B]we always were so free [D]
we pro[B]mise that we'll be [A] [Em]
[D]perfect, [B] per[D]fect, pe[B]rfec[D]t[B] [A]
version 2

tab by elijah carlyle (
this was really hard to figure out--not only is NONE of it really guitar,
but it's tuned down about half of a chromatic step (although that
could have been my recording--tapes tend to slow down)
a B6 (i think it's a B6)
can be played like this:
and an F#m7 (i'm pretty sure about that one) is this:

-2-or-2- (if anyone knows a better way of playing an
 -2----4- F#m7, please tell me)

And [E]now we're [C#m]just like old [E]friends
[C#m]just can't [E]pretend
[C#m]lovers make [B6]amends[F#m]
We are reasons so unreal
we can't help but feel
something has been lost
But [A]please I [F#m]know you're just like [E]me
next [C#m]time I [A]promise we'll be [E]perfect
[E] [C#m]  
version 3

Tabbed by Michael Ries
Here is another great song off ADORE,you're going to want to
use a clean electric guitar.When strumming use a percussive style and use muting
ocassionly,I would tab it out but would take to long and it would be pointless
so hopefully you can figure this out.Tune down 1/2 step.
Chords used

E [D#]x [Cm]3 [Bb]x [Fm]1
B 8 4 3 1
G 8 5 3 1
D 8 5 3 3
[A]E [6]x [3]x [1]x [3]1
Fill 1:For intro keep playing an octave F sliding up to a G octave.
Fill 2
 |-------------------- This fill is used often throught the song but mainly
 |-------------------- after the chorus part.I'm not gonna tab it out every time
 |-------------------- so just listen and you'll hear it.

I [D#]Know we're [Cm]just like old [D#]friends
we [Cm]just can't [D#]pretend
That [Cm]lovers make [Bb]amends[Fm]
We [D#]are [Cm]reasons so [D#]unreal
We [Cm]can't help but [D#]feel
that [Cm]something has been [Bb]lost[Fm]
but [D#]please you [Fm]know you're just like [D#]me
next [G#]time I [Fm]promise We'll be [D#]perfect[Cm]
[D#]perfect[Cm] [D#]Perfect[Cm] [D#]
s[Cm]trangers down the [D#]line
l[Cm]overs out of [D#]time
m[Cm]emories unw[Bb]ind[Fm]
so [D#]far I [Fm]still know who you [D#]are
but [G#]now I[Fm] wonder who [D#]I was
[D#]angel you [Cm]know it's not the [D#]end
[Cm]we'll always be good [D#]friends
[Cm]the letters have been [Bb]sent [Fm]on
so [D#]please you [Fm]always were so [D#]free
you'll [G#]see I [Fm]promise we'll be [D#]perfect
[Cm] [D#]perfect[Cm] [D#]
[Cm]strangers when we [D#]meet
[Cm]strangers on the [D#]street
[Cm]lovers while we [Bb]sleep[Fm]
[D#]Perfect [Cm]you know this has to [D#]be
We [Cm]always we're so [D#]free
we [Cm]promised that we'd [Bb]be[Fm]
[D#]Perfect[Cm] [D#]Perfect[Cm]
[D#]Perfect[Cm] [D#]
Questions,comments or corrections.Mail me at
version 4

Transcribed by Craig Newnes
Standard Tuning: E A D G B E
Chord Fingerings:
E| [D]2 [Em]0 [D/A]2 [Bm]2
B| 3 0 3 3
G| 2 0 2 4
D| 0 2 0 4
A| x 2 0 2
E| x 0 x x

|D |Bm |D |Bm |D |Bm |D/A |Em |
I [D]know we're [Bm]just like old [D]friends
we [Bm]just can't [D]pretend
that [Bm]lovers make [D/A]amends[Em]
we [D]are [Bm]reasons so un[D]real
we [Bm]can't help but [D]feel
that [Bm]something has been [D/A]lost[Em]
but [D]please you [Em]know you're just like [D]me
next [D]time I [Em]promise we'll be
D Bm (with Fig1)
[D]perfect [Bm]strangers down the [D]line
[Bm]lovers out of [D]time
[Bm]memories un[D/A]wind[Em]
so [D]far I [Em]still know who you [D]are
D Em D Bm (with Fig1)
but now I wonder who I was
|D |Bm |(with Fig1)
[D]angel you [Bm]know it's not the [D]end
we'll [Bm]always be good [D]friends
but the [Bm]letters have been [D/A]sent [Em]on
so [D]please you [Em]always were so [D]free
you'll [D]see I [Em]promise we'll be
D Bm (with Fig1)
[D]perfect [Bm]strangers when we [D]meet
[Bm]strangers on the [D]street
[Bm]lovers while we [D/A]sleep[Em]
you [Bm]know this has to [D]be
we [Bm]always we're so [D]free
we [Bm]promised that we'd [D/A]be[Em]
D Bm (with Fig1)
D Bm (with Fig1)
D Bm (with Fig1) D
From: "syn" <>
And now for something completely different...
This song undoubtedly uses an alternate tuning.
If you listen closely to the Viper Room track of Perfect,
you'll notice that Billy tunes his A string up to B.
This was verified by watching his hands during the Letterman and
Regis & Kathy Lee performances.
The tabbed riffs are only meant to be references.
Play to the song and use natural strumming.
If you have no rhythm, go and beat yourself mercilessly with
knotted cords and whips to a metronome.
("If you are going to clap, you must clap in time").
Alt. Tuning (A to B)
Riff 1


Riff 2

[Dsus4/A] [E] [Min] [Gsus2]  
 --- -0- ---
 --- -0- -0-
 -0- -0- -2-
 -0- -2- -0-
 -3- -0- ---
 -5- -0- -3-

I'll leave it as an exercise for you to determine which
chord shapes/riffs are played where. Train your ear.

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A B B6 Bb Bm C#m Cm D D# Dsus4/A E Em F#m Fm G G# Gsus2
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