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House of the Risin�?? Sun  Bob Dylan

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House of the Rising Sun
House of the Rising Sun
(Bob Dylan/trad., arr. “borrowed” – along with some records – from
Dave Van Ronk)
Played by Bob Dylan on Bob Dylan (1962)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem
Album version
Intro: (* = slide up on the sixth string). Interlude between verses
something of the same as the intro.
Am . C/G . |D/F# . F . |Am . E . *|Am . . .
There [Am]is a [C/G]house down in [D/F#]New Orlean[F]s
they [Am]call the [C/G]rising [E]sun
And it's [Am]been the [C/G]ruin of [D/F#]many a poor [F]girl
and [Am]me, oh [E]God, I'm [Am]one.
My mother was a tailor,
she sowed these new blue jeans
My sweetheart was a gambler, Lord,
down in New Orleans.
Now the only thing a gambler needs
is a suitcase and a trunk
And the only time when he's satisfied
is when he's on a drunk.
He fills his glasses up to the brim
and he'll pass the cards around
And the only pleasure he gets out of life
is rambling from town to town.
Oh tell my baby sister
not to do what I have done
But shun that house in New Orleans
they call the rising sun.
Well with one foot on the platform
and the other foot on the train
I'm going back to New Orleans
to wear that ball and chain.
I'm going back to New Orleans,
my race is almost run
I'm going back to end my life
down in the rising sun.
There is a house in New Orleans
they call the rising sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor girl
and me, oh God, I'm one.
12 April 1963 (Fourth McKenzie Tape)
Drop D tuning (D-a-d-g-b-e'), guitar tuned a half step down.
Quite energetic playing on this one, despite the extreme
simplicity. Most of the song is reduced to an alternating thumb
between the two d-strings, with occasional turns to an f or c in the
bass. But when he raises the energy level in the fifth verse, he
really gets going.
The turns to f (indicated with “/F” in the tab) are either played with
the full “/F figure” (see below), or just with the bass tone as in the
fourth measure of the intro.
The a (third string, second fret) in the second measure of the
/F-figure is probably just hammered on or sounded when the chord
changes, without necessarily having to be thought about at all. It
could also be picked with the index finger, but that disrupts the
rhythm pattern a bit.
 /F figure A G/B
 : . . . : . . . : . . . . .

 : . . . : . . . : . . . : . . .
 : . . . : . . . : . . . : . . .
 There ...

There [D]is a house in New [/F]Orl[/D]eans
they call the ris[/F]ing [/D]sun
It's been the ruin of [/F]many a [/F]poor [/D]soul
and me, oh God, [/F]I'm [/D]one.
If I had listened to what m[/F]y m[G/B]omma [/D]said,
I'd-a been at home today
But being so young and foolish,
I let gambling [A]lead me a[D]stray.
Now the on[/F]ly [/D]thing a gambler needs
is a suitcase and[/F] a [/D]trunk
And the only time he's [/F]sat[/F]isf[/D]ied
is when he's[G/B] on a d[D]runk.
He fills his glasses up to the brim
and passes the cards [/F]aro[/D]und
And the only time he's [/F]sat[/F]isf[/D]ied
is rambling from [/F]town[/F] to [/D]town.
 : . . . : . . . : . . . : . . .
 : . . . : . . . : . . . : . . .

Oh [/D]tel[/F]l my [/D]bab[/F]y s[/D]ister
not to do what [/F]I h[/F]ave [/D]done
But shun that house in [/F]New O[/F]rle[/D]ans
they call the [A]rising [D]sun.
Well it's one foot on the [/F]plat[/F]form[/D]
and the other foot [/F]on t[/F]he [/D]train
I'm going back to [/F]New O[/F]rle[/F]ans
to wear my [/F]ball [/F]and [/D]chain.
I'm going back to New O[/F]rle[/D]ans,
my race is [/F]alm[/F]ost [/D]run
I'm going back to [/F]spend [/F]my [/D]days
be[/F]neath t[/F]he [/D]ris[G/B]ing [D]sun.
 : . . . : . . . : . . . : . . .
 : . . . : . . . : . . . : . . .

Tabbed by Eyolf �?strem -

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A Am C/G D D/F# E F G/B

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