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People's Parties  Joni Mitchell

[Bm7]    [Em7]    [D/A]    [A7sus]      [D/A]    [A7sus]      [G]  [F]  [D]  

[D]   [Dmaj9]All the people [D]at this par[G]ty, They've got a lot of style
[D]   They've got stamps of many [C]countries, They've got passport smiles
Some are [Bm7]friendly, some are cutting, some are [Em7]watching it from the wings
Some are [D/A]standing in the [A7sus]cen-  [D]ter Giving [A7sus]to get something

[Dmaj9]  Photo Beauty gets atte[G]ntion, Then her eye paint's running [D]down
[D]  She's got a rose in her [C]teeth and a lampshade crown
[Bm7]One minute she's so happy Then she's [Em7]crying on someone's knee, saying,
[D/A]"Laughing and [A7sus]crying, [D]you know, it's [A7sus]the same release."
I [Dmaj9]told you when I met you I was [G]crazy. Cry for us all[D], Beauty
Cry for Eddie in the [C]corner thinking he's nobody
And [Bm7]Jack behind his joker, and stone-cold [Em7]Grace behind her fan, and
[D/A]Me in my frightened [A7sus]si-   [D]lence, thinking [A7sus]I don't understand
I [Dmaj9]feel like I'm sleep[G]ing, Can you wake [D]me?
You seem to have a [C]broader sensibility
I'm just [Bm7]living on nerves and feelings with a [Em7]weak and a lazy mind
And [D/A]coming to people's [A7sus]par-  [D/A]ties fumbl-[A7sus]ing deaf dumb and blind
I [Dmaj9]wish I had more sense of hum[G]or sometimes
[G]  Keeping the sa[F]d-[D]ness at bay
[D]Throwing the lightness [C]on these things
Laughing it [Bm7]all aw[Em7]ay[D/A] [A7sus] [D/A] [A7sus]
Laughing it [Bm7]all aw[Em7]ay[D/A] [A7sus] [D/A] [A7sus]
Laughing it [Bm7]all aw[Em7]ay[D/A] [A7sus] [D/A] [A7sus]
[G]Laughing it [F]all a-[D]way
Chords for Open D tuning (D A D F# A D)
Bm7:x2000 Em7:x22120 D/A:x00000 A7sus:x02100
G:555555 F:333333 D:000000 Dmaj9:x77777 C:AAAAAA (A=10)

/ means slide
#cutline# D-----7---7-7--0----5---5--3---0-0---12--0---10---10--7----0---0-0---- A-----7---7-7--0----5---5--3---0-0---12--0---10---10--7----0---0-0---- F#----7---7-7--0----5---5--3---0-0---12--0---10---10--7----0---0-0---- D-----7---7-7--0----5---5--3---0-0---12--0---10---10--7----9---9-9---- A-----7---7-7--0----5---5--3---0-0---12--0---10---10--7----9---9-9---- D-----7---7-7--0----5---5--3---0-0---12--0---10---10--7----9---9-9----
D-----0---0-0---0--0----0-0-0-0-0--0-----5--3---0--------------| A-----0---0-0---0--0----0-0-0-0-0--0-----5--3---0--------------| F#--0-1---1-1---1--1/3--3-3-3-1-0--1-----5--3---0--------------| D---0-2---2-2---2--2/4--4-4-4-2-0--2-----5--3---0--------------| A---0-2---2-2---2------------------0-----5--3---0--------------| D---0-2---2-2---2------------------------5--3---0--------------|
#cutline# D-----7-------7--7----0----------5-----5------3------0-0--- A-----7-------7--7----0----------5-----5------3------0-0--- F#----7-------7--7----0----------5-----5------3------0-0--- D-----7-------7--7----0----------5-----5------3------0-0--- A-----0-------0--0----0----------5-----5------3------0-0--- D-----0-------0--0----0----------5-----5------3------0-0--- All the people at this party they got a lot of style
D------12--12----0----0-----10-------------10--10--- A------12--12----0----0-----10-------------10--10--- F#-----12--12----0----0-----10-------------10--10--- D------12--12----0----0-----10-------------10--10--- A------12--12----0----0-----10-------------10--10--- D------12--12----0----0-----10-------------10--10--- They got stamps of many countries they got passport smiles
D----------0--------0---0---------------------0-----------------0----0--- A----------0--------0---0---------------------0-----------------0----0--- F#---------0--------0---0--------------0------1-----------------1----1--- D----------9--------9---9--------------0------2-----------------2----2--- A----------9--------9---9--------------0------2-----------------2----2--- D----------9--------9---9--------------0------2-----------------2----2--- Some are friendly, some are cutting, some are watching it from the wings
D-----------0----0--0--0---0--0----------0----------0--0--- A-----------0----0--0--0---0--0----------0----------0--0--- F#----------1/3--3--3--3---1--0----------1----------1--1--- D-----------2/4--4--4--4---2--0----------2----------2--2--- A----------------------------------------0----------0--0--- D---------------------------------------------------------- Some are standing in the centre giving to get something

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A7sus Bm7 C D Dmaj9 Em7 F G

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