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Murder Inc  Bruce Springsteen


[Em]      [D]           [G]      [A]              
D.-----(piano arr.for guitar)------|I

Main riff (0:12) (guitar 1)

Em D G A 4x (drums,bass & organ enter 3rd time)


(Guitar 2 plays full chords)

VERSE 1 (w/riff) (0:29)
   [Em]Bobby's got a [D]gun that he [G]keeps beneath his [A]pillow [Em](oh [D]yeah)[G]   [A]
   [Em]Out on the [D]street your [G]chances are [A]zero [Em](oh [D]yeah) [A]    [G]

CHORUS (0:46)
   [Em]Take a look around you [D](come on now)
   [G]It ain't too compli[A]cated you're messin' with
   [Em]Murder[D]____[G]__ [A]incorpo[Em]rated_[D]___[G]_  [A]

VERSE 2 (1:03)
Now you check over your shoulder everywhere that you go (oh yeah)
Walking down the street there's eyes on every shadow (oh yeah)
CHORUS 2 (1:20)
You better take a look around you (come on now)
that equipment you got's so outdated you can't compete with
Murder Incorporated everywhere you look now
Murder Incorporated oh!

SAX SOLO (1:46) arranged for guitar (very daring)

([Em]B)R   [D]            [G]      [A]  b   r    [Em]      [D]           [G]       [A]
 --* use wide vibrato to emulate sax sound on long notes-------------|I

([Em]B)R   [D]           [G]      [A]           [Em]       [D]          [G]  B - [A]- - R

GUITAR SOLO (2:03) (not very precise, check the record for phrasing)
[Em]>     [D]>          [G]      [A]           [Em]      [D]           [G]      [A]


[Em]    B [D]           [G]      [A]           [Em]      [D]        b -[G] - - -[A] - r

BRIDGE (2:19)
So you [Bm]keep a little secret down [D]deep inside your dresser drawer
[Bm]Dealing with the heat just leaves you[D] down on the killing floor
No [Bm]matter where you step you feel you're[D] never out of danger
[C] (?)                      go [B7]playin' some (?)  I hear that too
you got

VERSE 3 (2:35)
down down down memories are hurtful (murder...)
Everywhere you look life ain't got no soul (oh yeah)

CHORUS 3 (2:55)
That apartment you live in feels like it's just a place to hide
When you're walking down the street you won't meet no one eye to eye
Now the [Em]cops will point at you as just a[D]nother homicide
I could [G]tell you was just frust[B]rated from livin with
Murder Incorporated

Em D G A Em D G A ...
Murder Incorporated
Murder Incorporated everywhere you look now
Murder Incorporated etc.

(repeat until fade)

'Murder Inc.'was recorded in the BitUSA sessions 1982-1984
and was originally planned to be the title track of the
album in making. However, it still remains officially unreleased.
Luckily bootleg versions circulate widely among fans :-)

Comments welcome,

Antti Kauppinen


NOTE: I know that the song is now released on the Greatest Hits,
but the cursor keys don't work...

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