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ROUND HERE  Counting Crows







Round [C]here we[D] always stand up st[Em]raight[G]
Round [C]here [D]something radi[Em]ates[G]
Maria came from Nashville with a suitcase in her hand
she said she'd like to meet a boy who looks like Elvis
she walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land
just like she's walking on a wire in the circus
she parks her car outside of my house
takes her clothes off
says she's close to understanding Jesus
she knows she's just a little misunderstood
she has trouble acting normal when she's nervous
Round [C]here we're [D]carving out our n[Em]ames[G]
Round [C]here [D]we all look the s[Em]ame[G]
Round [C]here we talk just like l[D]ions
But we s[Em]acrifice like l[G]ambs
Roun[C]d here she's s[D]lipping through my [Em]hands[G]
Bridge: (Please fill in the blanks)
Sleeping children got to run like the wind
out of the lightning dream
Mama's little baby better get herself in
out of the lightning
She says It's only in my head
She says Shhh I know it's only in my head
But the girl in car in the parking lot
says "Man you should try to take a shot
can't you see my walls are crumbling?"
Then she looks up at the building
and says she's thinking of jumping
She says she's tired of life
she must be tired of something
Round [C]here she's a[D]lways on my m[Em]ind[G]
Round [C]here hey man [D]got lots of [Em]time[G]
Round [C]here we're never sent to bed [D]early
And [Em]nobody makes us w[G]ait
Round [C]here we stay up [D]very, very, [Em]very, very [G]late
Words and music by: Adamd Duritz, David Bryson, Matt Malley, Steve Bowman,
Charlie Gillingham, Chris Roldan, Dan Jewett & Dave Janusco.
Submitted by Ali Muir
There have been many other version's of this song submitted
to the olga but i have felt that a lot of them have been a bit thin
or not very clear. Here is my attempt, if anyone has any problems
don't hesitate in E-mailing me, my address is at the bottom of the page.
Repeat four times then into the chords
or continue throughout verses

[C(AddD]  Step out the front door like a [D]ghost
into the fog where no-one [Em7]notices
the contrast of w[G]hite on white.
And in in betw[C(AddD]een the moon and you
ang[D]els get a better view
of the c[Em7]rumbling difference between w[G]rong and right.
I walk i[C(AddD]n the air between the rain
[D]through myself and back again.
[Em7]Where?             I don't know.[G]
[C(AddD]  Maria says she's dying.
Through the door I h[D]ear her crying?
Why?               I [Em7]don't know[G]
Round here[C] we al[D]ways stand up straight[Em] [G]
Round here[C], some[D]thing radiates.[Em] [G]
M[C(AddD]aria came from nashville with a [D]suitcase in her hand
She said she'd l[Em7]ike to meet a boy who looks like [G]elvis
S[C(AddD]he walks along the edge where the [D]ocean meets the land
just like she's [Em7]walking on a wire in the circu[G]s
She [C(AddD]parks her car outside of my house[D]
takes her clothes off,
[Em7]She say's she's close to understanding [G]Jesus
She knows she's m[C(AddD]ore than just a little misu[D]nderstood
She has [Em7]trouble acting normal when shes [G]nervous
Round h[C]ere we're c[D]arving out our n[Em]ames[G]
Round h[C]ere we all [D]look the sam[Em]e[G]
Round here[C] we talk just like lions[D]
But we s[Em]acarifice like lambs[G]
Round here[C] she's slippi[D]ng through my han[Em]ds
[A]  [D]  [G]  [A]  [G]  [A] Sle[Am7]eping children be[D7/A]tter run like the wi[A]nd[G] [A]
[Am7]Out of the l[D7]ightning dream[A] [G] [A]
Ma[Am7]ma's little baby [D7/A]better get herself[A] in[G] [A]
O[C]ut of the l[D]ightning
She s[C(AddD]ays, "It's o[D]nly in my he[Em7]ad."[G]
She s[C(AddD]ays, "shh...I know it's o[D]nly in my h[Em7]ead."[G]
But the [C(AddD]girl on the street by the parking lot
says:"[D]Man, you should try to Take a shot
[Em7]Can't you see my walls are crumbling?"[G]
Then she [C(AddD]looks up at the building
Say's she's th[D]inking of jumping
She says she's t[Em7]ired of life;
She must be ti[G]red of something.
Round here[C] she's al[D]ways on my mi[Em]nd[G]
Round here[CD] I got lots of t[Em]ime[G]
Round here[C] we're never sent to bed ear[D]ly
Man, no[Em]body makes us wai[G]t
round here[C] we stay up [D]very, very, [Em]very, very la[G]te.
I can't see no[C]thin', noth[D]in'
Around he[Em]re
[G] You catch me if i'm f[C]alling,
You catch me if i'm f[D]alling,
Will you catch me cause i'm f[Em]alling down on you
[G] I said i'm u[C(AddD]nder the gun[D]
around [Em7]here[G]
Oh, man I said i'm [C(AddD]under the gun[D]
Around h[Em7]ere
[G]  And I can't see nothin',[C(AddD]
Round      he[Em]re.
And that is basically it. You'll have to suss out the rythm yourself
but apart from that it's all there. ENJOY.
If I have left any blinding mistakes please E-mail me.
If you like what you see please E-mail me as I will only be doing more
'crows songs on the sucsess of this one.
Ali Muir | "Be true to yourself and be true to our own | emotions" Flea
(or, i'm |
not sure which.)|

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