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Hallelujah  Jeff Buckley

[G]  [Em]  [G]  [Em] 
[G]I heard there was a s[Em]ecret chord
That [G]David played and it [Em]pleased the Lord
But [C]you don't really [D] care for music, d[G]o ya?   [D]
W[G]ell it goes like this the [C]fourth, the [D]fifth
[Em]The minor fall and the [C]major lift
The [D]baffled king [B7]composing halle[Em]lujah
" "
Ha[C]llelujah, ha[Em]llelujah, ha[C]llelujah, ha[G]llelu[D]-u-u-u-ja[G]aah     [Em]  [G]  [Em]
[G]Well your faith was strong but you [Em]needed proof
You [G]saw her bathing [Em]on the roof
Her [C]beauty and the moon[D]light over[G]threw ya   [D]
[G]She tied you to the [C]kitchen ch[D]air
[Em]She broke your throne and [C]she cut your hair
And[D] from your lips she [B7]drew the halle[Em]lujah


The chord sequence is the same throughout the song, so you should get the idea. I'm not bothering about the chords used during the instrumental part between the 4th and 5th verse.

Baby [G] i've been [Em]here before
I've [G]seen this room and i've[Em] walked this floor
I used[G] to live alone[C] before i knew[D] ya
I've seen[G] your flag on the[C] marble [D]arch
[Em]But love is not a [C]victory march
It's a[D] cold and it's a [B7]broken halle[Em]lujah


Well there [G]was a time when[Em] you let me know
What's[G] really going [Em]on below
But now[G] you never show [C]that to me do [D]ya?
But remember[G] when i [C]moved in [D]you
And the [Em]holy dove was [C]moving too
And every[D] breath we drew [B7]was halle[Em]lujah

Well,[G] maybe there's a[Em] god above
But all [G]i've ever [Em]learned from love
Was how [G]to shoot [C]somebody who outdrew[D] ya
It's not a[G] cry that [C]you hear at [D]night
It's not [Em]somebody who's [C]seen the light
It's a cold[D] and it's a [B7]broken [Em]hallelujah
Chorus x 3

If you want you can also take the D Chord a little forward in the end of verse in the text, I mean:The[Em] Minor fall and the[C] major lift
                                                                                             The b[D]affled king co[B7]mposing Ha[Em]llelujah

You can choose both, it doesn't really matter :) // B.Lembke

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rogidez1 (report)

chords are cocked up man

dadachip (report)

Sheet Music = (Leonord Cohen)is in the key of "C." I find it to be easier AND sounds nicer to me. Don't forget to fix those flubbed lines as well..."How to shoot somebody who out drew ya" should be,
G C D C in "G"
F G C G in "C"

erhino (report)

It's in C on the Grace album. you can capo the 5th and use the chord shapes given here. You can get those lower bass notes in there by playing it in open postion use the transpose feature and go +5 semitones and that will tell you the chords.

Maj (report)

Great song, thanks for the transcript.
I believe too though that the 3 last verses a wrong. On the 3rd line it should be C D G D like in the 2 first verses which are correct.
I think also that the capo should be on the 5th fret to sound as Jeff recorded.

madim67 (report)

try putting a capo on the third fret it sounds cool. Thanks for this version :)

fortwaldron (report)

This might be Buckley's version, but let's not forget that this is a Leonard Cohen penned song...and put his name at the top where it belongs.

Steppeake (report)

g to a minor instead of g to c for the first parts

KennethW. (report)

This verse:
I used to live alone before i knew ya

should be C - D - G chord progression and every verse after this verse - the third line should be changed to this chord progression.

I would of corrected it myself but I don't how to do it.

sarahjayne (report)

A simplified version of Jeff Buckleys 'hallelujah' but you can view the orignal with the icon at the bottom, for a more challenging but realistic version. Thanks very much.