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Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald  Gordon Lightfoot

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Use a capo on the second fret to play in tune with the record.

Intro: Asus2, A11, Dsus4, D, Asus2, A11, D, Asus2


Th[Asus2]e legend lives on from the [Em]chippewa on down of the [G]Big lake they [D]called "Gitche [Asus2]Gumee"
The lake, it is said, never g[Em]ives up her dead
When the [G]skies of No[D]vember turn [Asus2]gloomy.
With a load of iron ore twenty-six [Em ]thousand tons more
Than the [G]Edmund Fitz[D]gerald weighed [Asus2]empty.
That good ship and true was a [Em]bone to be chewed
When the [G]"Gales of No[D]vember" came [Asus2]early.

Th[Asus2]e ship was the pride of the [Em]American side
Com[G]ing back from some [D]mill in Wis[Asus2]consin
As the big freighters go, it was [Em]bigger than most
With a [G]crew and good [D]captain well [Asus2]seasoned
Concluding some terms with a [Em]couple of steel firms
When [G]they left fully [D]loaded for [Asus2]Cleveland
And later that night when the [Em]ship's bell rang
Could [G]it be the north [D]wind they'd been [Asus2]feelin'?
Th[Asus2]e wind in the wires made a [Em]tattle-tale sound
And[G] a wave broke [D]over the [Asus2]railing
And every man knew, as the [Em]captain did too,
T'was[G] the witch of [D]November come [Asus2]stealin'.
The dawn came late and the [Em]breakfast had to wait
When[G] the Gales of [D]November came [Asus2]slashin'.
When afternoon came it was [Em]freezin' rain
In the[G] face of a [D]hurricane west [Asus2]wind.
Wh[Asus2]en suppertime came, the old [Em]cook came on deck sayin'.
[G]"Fellas, it's too [D]rough to [Asus2]feed ya."
At Seven P.M. a main [Em]hatchway caved in', he said
[G]"Fellas, it's [D]been good t'know [Asus2]ya"
The captain wired in he had [Em]water comin' in
And[G] the good ship and [D]crew was in [Asus2]peril.
And later that night when 'is [Em]lights went outta sight
[G]Came the wreck of the [D]Edmund [Asus2]Fitzgerald.
Do[Asus2]es any one know where the [Em]love of God goes
[G]When the waves turn the [D]minutes to [Asus2]hours?
The searches all say they'd have [Em]made Whitefish Bay
[G]If they'd put fifteen [D]more miles behind [Asus2]her.
They might have split up or they [Em]might have capsized;
[G]May have broke [D]deep and took [Asus2]water.
And all that remains is the [Em]faces and the names
[G]Of the wives and the [D]sons and the [Asus2]daughters.
La[Asus2]ke Huron rolls, Superior [Em]sings
[G]In the rooms of her [D]ice-water [Asus2]mansion.
Old Michigan steams like a [Em]young man's dreams;
[G]The islands and [D]bays are for [Asus2]sportsmen.
And farther below Lake [Em]Ontario
[G]Takes in what Lake [D]Erie can send [Asus2]her,
And the iron boats go as the [Em]mariners all know
[G]With the Gales of [D]November [Asus2]remembered.
In[Asus2] a musty old hall in [Em]Detroit they prayed,
[G]In the "Maritime [D]Sailors' [Asus2]Cathedral."
The church bell chimed till it rang [Em]twenty-nine times
[G]For each man on the [D]Edmund [Asus2]Fitzgerald.
The legend lives on from the [Em]Chippewa on down
[G]Of the big lake they [D]call "Gitche [Asus2]Gumee".
"Superior", they said, "never [Em]gives up her dead
[G]When the 'Gales of [D]November' come [Asus2]early!"
Play the intro between verse sections.
That is, after:
"...could it be the north wind they'd bin feelin'?",
"...came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" (twice here),
"...with the gales of November remembered", and
"...when the gales of November come early"
The Chords: (relative to the capo, which is the zero fret, or nut)
   [Asus2]           (nut is[A11] 3rd fret)[Dsus4] [D]
=========== =========== =========== ===========
| | | | | | | | | | O | | | | | | | | | | | | |
|-|-|-|-|-|     4|-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|      

| | O O | | | | | O | | | | | O | | | | | O | O
|-|-|-|-|-|     5|-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|          

| | | | | | | | O | | | | | | | O O | | | | O |
|-|-|-|-|-|     6|-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|          

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
|-|-|-|-|-|     7|-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|     

=====[G]======      =====[Em]======
| | | | | | | | | | | |
|-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|          

| O | | | | | O O | | |
|-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|             

O | | | | O | | | | | |
|-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|                 

| | | | | | | | | | | |
|-|-|-|-|-|      |-|-|-|-|-|           

The Full Lyrics (thanks to Brian Ross)


Once again, a hundred thousand *MORE* apologies to Brian Ross who obviously spent a long time on this -- heck, it's still worth getting just for the great lyric chart alone!!! Also, apologies to those who were confused by my post. I'll be more careful! It's just that, played "correctly" :^), this song sounds so eerie, that you can give yourself goose bumps. It's even worth buying a 12-string JUST TO PLAY THIS SONG!
P.S. Any big GL fans? I'd still love to hear from you!
Matthew Fifer

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A11 Asus2 D Dsus4 Em G

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