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Old [G]Pirates, yes, they rob [Em7]I.
Sold[C] I to the [G/B]merchant ships[Am]
[G]minutes after they took[Em] I  [C] from the [G/B]bottomless[Am] pit.
But my [G]hand was made[Em7] strong
[C]By the hand [G/B]of the Almigh[Am]ty.
We fo[G]rward in this gener[Em]ation[C] triumphant[D]ly.
   Won't you help to sing[G]   [C] thes[D]e songs of [G]freedom?
   'Cause [C]all I [D]ever had[Em],   [C] red[D]emption[G] songs,
  [C] red[D]emption[G] songs.[C]
[D]Emanci[G]pate yourselves from mental [Em7]slavery,
None but ou[C]rselves can [G/B]free our minds.[Am]
Have no[G] fear for atomic ener[Em]gy,
'Cause none of[C] them can [G/B]stop the time.[Am]
How [G]long shall they kill our [Em7]prophets
While we[C] stand a[G/B]side and look?[Am]
Yes, some say[G] it's just a [Em]part of it.
We've [C]got to fulfill the[D] book.
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery,
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Have no fear for atomic energy,
'Cause none of them can stop the time.
How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look?
Yes, some say it's just a part of it.
We've got to fulfill the book.
Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom?
'Cause all I ever had, redemption songs,
These songs of freedom, songs of freedom.
G 320003 Em7 020000
C x32010 G/B x20003
Am x02210 Em 022000
D xx0232
[----]Reply-To: (patrick m. ryan)
I got this a while ago from Chris Bray. I added the intro line
[--]   Redemption Song
Bob Marley
transcription by (Chris Bray)
with intro tab by (patrick m. ryan)
"Redemption Song" is my favorite Marley tune, although it is not the
best example of reggae, since he's playing in more a folk vein. We
do a cover version that is more reggae style. (this is from memory
and my band has totally reworked the middle section, so forgive me
if there are mistakes...) -Chris Bray

first verse:
     [G]|   .   .   .   [Em]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [Bmsus4].   .   [Am]|   .   .   .   |
repeat twice
     [G]|   .   .   .   [Em]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [Bmsus4].   .   [D]|   .   .   .   |
(Won't you help me...)
     [D]|   .   .   .
     [G]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [D].   .   [G]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [D].   .   |
     [Em]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [D].   .   [G]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [D].   .   |
     [G]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [D].   .
second verse:
(Emancipate yourself...)
     [G]|   .   .   .   [Em]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [Bmsus4].   .   [Am]|   .   .   .   |
     [G]|   .   .   .   [Em]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [Bmsus4].   .   [D]|   .   .   .   |
     [G]|   .   .   .   [Em]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [Bmsus4].   .   [Am]|   .   .   .   |
     [G]|   .   .   .   [Em]|   .   .   .   [C]|   .   [Bmsus4].   .   [D]|   .   .   .   |
repeat chorus.
middle section with acoustic guitar solo-type thing -- I can't recall
this from memory -- sorry
third verse: repeat the second verse
repeat chorus (extend ending to repeat "Redemption Song" lyrics...)

here's what i know about "redemption song"
intro: play around on the bottom three strings, while fingering the g... all
the notes occur in the g-pentatonic scale (i figured this out by ear...
it's very easy)
verse: ...(D)emanci(G)pate yourself from mental (Em)slavery,
none but our(C)selves can free our (Am)minds.
(G)Have no fear for atomic (Em)energy,
'cos none of (C)them can stop the (D)time... etc...
chorus: (...D)won't you help to (G)sing,
(C) these songs of (D)freedom,
(G)'cos all i (C)ever (D)had (Em,C,D)
(was) (G)redemption (C)songs, (D) etc...

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Am Bmsus4 C D Em Em7 G G/B

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robbo2765 (report)

middle bit....Em, c, d, x4.... also, change Am at 'pit' for D ...enjoy

robbo2765 (report)

middle bit....Em, c, d, x4....enjoy