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Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy  Queen


[C] I can dim the lights,
And sing you [F]songs full of [Em]sad [Am]things,
[Dm] We can do the [F]tango [G]just for [C]two. [G]
[C] I can serenade,
And gently [F]play on your [Em]heart [Am]strings;
[Dm] Be your Valen-[Fm]tino [G7]just for [C]you. [G]
Chorus 1:

[C] Ooh [G]love,
[Am] Ooh [Em]lo-[F]ver [C]boy,
[G] What're doing to-[Am]night, hey [E]boy?

Set [Am]my a-[Em]larm, turn [Am]on my [Em]charm,
That's be-[Dm]cause,
I'm a good old [Fm]fashioned [G7]lover [C]boy.
Bridge 1:

[Fm] Ooh let me feel your [C]heartbeat,
(Grow [C7]faster, faster),

[Fm] Ooh, [Eb7]can you feel my [Ab]love heat? [Eb7]
Come on and sit on my [Ab]hot seat of [Eb7]love,
And tell me;

[Ab] How do you [G]feel right after [C]all?
I'd like for you and [F]I to go ro-[Em]man-[Am]cing;
[Dm] Say the word, your [Fm]wish is [G7]my com-[C]mand.[G]

Chorus 2:

[C] Ooh [G]love,
[Am] Ooh [Em]lo-[F]ver [C]boy,
[G] What're doing to-[Am]night, hey [E]boy?

[Am] Write my [Em]letter, [Am]feel much [Em]better,
And [Dm]use my fancy [Fm]patter on the [G7]tele-[C]phone.
Middle 8:

[C] When I'm not with you,
Think of you always,
[G7] I miss you;
(I miss those long hot summer nights).

[C] When I'm not with you;
[Gm7] Think of me always,
I [D7]love you,
[G7] Love [A7]you.

[Dm] Hey boy, where did you get it from?
Hey boy, where did you go?

I [Dm]learned my passion,
In the [Fm]good old fashioned,
[G7] School of lover [C]boys.

Guitar Solo:

Verse 2:

[C] Dining at the Ritz,
We'll meet at [F]nine pre-[Em]cise-[Am]ly,
(One two, three, four,
Five, six, seven eight, nine o'clock),
[Dm] I will pay the [F]bill, you [G]taste the [C]wine.[G]

[C] Driving back in style in my sa-[F]loon,
Will do quite [Em]nice-[Am]ly,
Just [Dm]take me back to [Fm]yours, that [G7]will be [C]fine.
[G7] (Come on and get it);

Chorus 3:

[C] Ooh [G]love,
[Am] Ooh [Em]lo-[F]ver [C]boy,
[G] What're doing to-[Am]night, hey [E]boy?

Ev'ry-[Am]thing's all [Em]right,
Just [Am]hold on [Em]tight,
That's be-[Dm]cause,
I'm a good old [Fm]fashioned...[G7]lover [C]boy.

   [C]        [F]        [Em]        [Am]        [Dm]  
[EADGBE]x32010  [EADGBE]133211  [EADGBE]022000  [EADGBE]x02210  [EADGBE]xx0231

   [G]        [Fm]        [G7]        [E]        [C7]  
[EADGBE]320003  [EADGBE]133111  [EADGBE]323000  [EADGBE]022100  [EADGBE]x32310
   [Eb7]        [Ab]        [Gm7]        [D7]        [A7]  
[EADGBE]x68686  [EADGBE]466544  [EADGBE]3x033x  [EADGBE]xx0212  [EADGBE]x02223
Tabbed by Joel from cLuMsY, Bristol, England, 2004

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