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            [D]  chorus:

G D (give it a Dsus4 after " the one you're with")
and I think that's about it... strumming it correctly is another story! :)
Anyone have the words to this one? I could arrange the chords (or you could)
around the words and make this look nice for ...
Hopefully these chords are right... feels wierd typing it in without a guitar
to check it on. :)
[--]Tim Cantin
Computervision Corporation, mailstop 4-10
201 Burlington Road
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 (U.S.A.)

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Here are the words (from memory) and chords.
(Note that I'm not certain of the placement of the two choruses.)
In article <1993May27.105204@shovel.CV.COM> tim@shovel.CV.COM (Tim Cantin) writes:
These are the basic chords... a friend showed me this; it sounds right:
verse (repeat a few times):

    [G(7]  ^   [D(5]  ^     [G/D]^[D]
      |     |     |-> I've always played this as a G/D chord [ - - 0 4 3 3]

| |
      ---------> Note: non-standard nomenclature that is used below

Love the One You're With - Stills
Intro: G(7) D(5) G/D D (repeat)
   [D]When you're [G(7)D(5]down, and con[G/D]fused,[D]
   and you don't re[G(7]member[D(5] who you're talking [G/D]to,[D]
   concen[G(7]tration[D(5], slips a[G/D]way,[D]
   because your [G(7)D(5]baby, is so far a[G/D]way.[D]
Chorus 1:
Bm A G CGCG (see note 1)
Well there's a rose in the fisted glove,
   And the [Bm]eagle flie[A]s with the [G]dove,[CGCG]
   and if you [Bm]can't b[A]e with the one you [G]love, honey,
   [G]love the one you're [D]with,
   [G]love the one you're [D]with.
Verse 2:
Don't be angry, don't be sad,
and don't sit crying, over good times you've had,
There's a girl, right next to you
and she's just waiting, for something to do.
Chorus 1:
Chorus 2: (see note 2)
   [G]Do [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [A]doot [A]doot
   [G]Do [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [A]doot [A]doot
   [A]Do [A]do [A]doot, [A]Do [A]do [A]doot
Chorus 1: (No words, organ lead part)
Verse 3:
Turn your heart-ache, right into joy,
she's a girl, and you're a boy,
get it together, make it nice,
you ain't gonna need, any more advice.
Chorus 1:
Chorus 2: (see note 2)
   [G]Do [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [A]doot [A]doot
   [G]Do [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [A]doot [A]doot
   [A]Do [A]do [A]doot, [A]Do [A]do [A]doot
Note 1: Play the G chord barred (3 5 5 4 3 3), then play the C chord
(- 3 5 5 5 -) for the transition CGC you stum the chords once each
Note 2: The chords are strummed 1 time per "doot" (or "do")
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In article <> you write:
Nevada only has "southern cross", perhaps someone could post the chords
(unless TAB is necessary) to this song...
Hi again...
The basic chord progression is:
        If you're down [F]    [C]     and confused...[Dm] [C]
        There's a [Am]rose [G]   in a fisted g[F]love...
        Love the one you're w[C]ith[F] [C]
        Love the one you're w[Dm]ith[C]
        [Bb]                  [C]                                                                                                                      

The acoustic guitar is actually played in open C tuning, and the lower
strings form sort of a drone throughout. Low to high, the tuning is
         [C]    [G]    [C]    [G]    [C]    [E]                                                                                                                    
	-4  -2  -2   0  +1   0		(deviation from standard)

and the basic riff is then
005555 004003 002001 000000
Don't ask me how to play the Am-G-F part or the Bb-C in that tuning, though...

PS: Incidentally, the Moody Blues' "Question" is also in open C, and uses
the *exact* same pattern under the "it's not the way that you say it" part.
Try it! The verses go
        Why do we [Ebdim]never [Dm]get an a[C]nswer
where Ebdim = 000232 (that's right, the same fingering as D in standard)
Dm = 002001
C = 000000

I found this on the web...

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 14:08:04 -1000
From: Harlan L Thompson

LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH- Crosby, Stills and Nash

TUNING: D A D F# A D or C G C E G C (record actually in the latter)

Dsus4 D(1) Dsus2 D(2) (repeat)

D(2) Dsus4 D(1) Dsus2 D(2)
When you're ...
Dsus4 D(1) Dsus2 D(2)
And you don't remember ...
Dsus4 D(1) Dsus2D
Concentration, ...
Dsus4 D(1) Dsus2 D(2)
Because your ...

Bm A G
Well there's a rose ...
Bm A G
And the eagle ...
Bm A G
And if you can't be with the ...
Dsus4 D(1) Dsus2 D
Love the one you're with...
Dsus4 D(1) Dsus2 D
Love the one you're with....

Don't be angry, don't be .......CHORUS

Am11 D6 Am11 D6 Am11 D6 D(3)
Doo doot doot ...
Am11 D6 Am11 D6 Am11 D6 D(3)
Doo doot doot ....
D(3) D(4)
Do do doot, do do doot


Turn your heartache right ......CHORUS

Dsus4 D(1) Dsus2 D(2) Bm A G Am11 D6 D(3) D(4)
D --0-----0----0-----0---- --4--7---5----5----4-----7------12--
A --14----12---10----9---- --5--7---5----0----0-----9------9---
F#--13----12---10----8---- --5--7---5----6----5-----8------8---
D --0-----0----0-----0---- --4--7---5----0----0-----0------0---
A --0-----0----0-----0---- --x--7---5--------------------------
D --0-----0----0-----0---- --4--7---5--------------------------

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A Am Bb Bm C D F F# G G/D Dm E Ebdim

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