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Desperado  Eagles


Desper[G]ado[G7sus2] why don't you c[C]ome to your se[Cm6]nses,
You've been [G]out ridin' fe[Em7]nces for [A7]so long no[D7]w
Oh, you're a [G]hard one,[Gsus4sus2] but I know that you [C]got your reasons   [Cm6]
These th[G/D]ings that [B7/D#]are plea[Em7]sin' you can [A7]hurt you s[D7]omehow   [G]    [D7/F#]

Don't you d[Em7]raw the queen of d[Bm7]iamonds, boy, she'll [C]beat you is she's able[G]    [D/F#]
You know the [Em7]queen of h[Em]earts is al[C]ways your best bet[G]     [D/F#]
Now it [Em7]seems to me some f[Bm7]ine things have been l[C]aid upon your ta[G]ble
But you [Em7]only want the ones[A7]  that you can't get[Am7/D]
[D7]Despera[G]do[Dm7/G], oh you ain't[C] gettin' no younger [G/B]
[Am7]Your pa[G]in an' [D/F#]your hu[Em7]nger they're [A7]drivin' me home[D7]
An' fr[G]eedom, oh[Dm7/G] freedom, well that's just [C]some people talkin' [G/B]
[Am7]Your p[G]rison[B7/F#] is wal[Em7]kin' through this [A7]world [D7]alone  [G]
(Enter drums)D7/F#

Don't your [Em]feet get cold in the [Bm7]winter time?
The s[C]ky won't snow an' the s[G]un won't[Bm/F#] shine
It's [Em7]hard to tell the night[C]-time from the [G]day
You're [Em7]losin' all your highs[Bm7] an' lows,
Ain't it f[C]unny how the fee[G]lin' goes aw[Am7]ay?______________[Dsus4]__
[D7]Desper[G]ado[Dm7/A]  why  [Bm7-5] don't you c[C]ome to your se[Cm6]nses,
Come d[G]own from [B7/D#]your fen[Em]ces[A7], open the gate [D7]
It maybe r[G]ainin'[Dm7/A] but  [Bm7-5]  there's a r[C]ainbow above y[Cm6]ou
You better l[G]et someb[B7/F#]ody love[Em] you
  [C]        [G/B]        [Am7]   You better l[G]et someb[B7/D#]ody love[Em] you [A]
(Let somebody love you)
Be[D7sus4]fore it's too late______[G]____[G7]_______[C]    [Cm6]      [G]

By Charlie "Eagle" Delgado

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A A7 Am7 Am7/D B7/D# B7/F# Bm/F# Bm7 Bm7-5 C Cm6 D/F# D7 D7/F# D7sus4 Dm7/A Dm7/G Dsus4 Em Em7 G G/B G/D G7 G7sus2

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