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Amanda  Boston

##song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. ##        with SMTP id ; Thu, 6 Aug 1992 11:25:37 -0700#          6 Aug 92 11:11 PDT#From: Amanda by Boston#X-Vmsmail-To: MUSIC#                                   AMANDA#                                     by####[G]Babe, to[C/G]morrow's so far a[G]way.

There's [Em]somethin' I just have to [Bm]say.
I don't [C]think I could hide
what I'm [G/B]feelin' inside - an[Am]other day
knowin' I [Dsus4]love y[D]ou.
And [G]I, I'm [C/G]gettin' too close a[G]gain.
[Em]I don't wanna see it [Bm]end.
If I could [C]tell you tonight,
will you [G/B]turn out the light - and [Am]walk away
knowin' I l[D]ove you?
I'm gonna [Em]take you by surprise
and [Am7]make you realize, Am[D]anda.
I'm gonna [Em]tell you right away;
I can't [Am7]wait another day, Am[D]anda.
I'm gonna [Em]say it like a man
and [Am7]make you understand, Am[D]anda. (second time: Oh, girl.)
I [Csus2]love you. (not sung second time)
[G]And, I [C/G]feel like today's the [G]day
I'm [Em]lookin' for the words to [Bm]say.
Do you [C]wanna be free?
Are you [G/B]ready for me - to [Am]feel this way?
I don't wanna l[D]ose ya.
[G]So, it [C/G]may be too soon, I [G]know.
The [Em]feelin' takes so long to [Bm]grow.
If [C]I tell you today
will you [G/B]turn me away - and [Am]let me go?
I don't wanna l[D]ose you.
Em Am7 D Em Am7 D (to chorus)
BRIDGE (lead-in: E Bm7 E Bm7):
[E]You and I, I [Bm7]know that we can't wait.
And I swear,[E] I swear it's not a lie, girl.
To[Bm7]morrow may be too late.
[C]You, you and I,[D] girl,
we can [G]share a [D/F#]life to[Em]gether.
It's [Em/D]now or nev[C]er,
and to[Am]morrow may [Am/G]be too l[D]ate.
[C/D]Oh. O[G/D]oo Oh Ooo [D]Oh.
[G]And, [C/G]feelin' the way I [G]do,
I don't [Em]wanna wait my whole life [Bm]through
to [Am]say  [Am/G]-  I'm in love with [D]you.
G 3x0003
C/G 3x2013
G/B x2x033
Dsus4 xx0233
D(add9) xx0230
C/D xx0553
G/D xx0433
Csus2 x3x03x
D7sus4 xx0213
D/F# 2x023x
Em/D xx0000
C/B x22010
Am/G 3x2210
Sounds excellent on a 12-string!
>From Boston - Third Stage
Copyright 1987, Cherry Lane Music Co, Inc.

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Am Am7 Bm Bm7 C C/D C/G Csus2 D D/F# Dsus4 E Em Em/D G G/B G/D

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