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Time warp  Rocky Horror Picture Show


[A]   It's a[A]stounding; time is [B]fleeting
[G]madness [D]  takes its [A]toll.  But listen closely - not for very much lon[B]ger -
[G]I've got to [D]- keep con[A]trol.
I remember - doing the Time[B] Warp   [G]Drinking [D]  those moments [A]when
the blackness would hit me - and the void would be [B]calling....
[F]Let's [C]do the [G]Time [D]Warp [A]again!  (x2)
(N.C) E A
It's just a jump to the left - and then a step to the ri-ight
With your hands on your hips [E]- you bring your knees in [A]tight
But it's the pelvic [D]thrust - that really drives you in[A]sa-ane
Let's do the Time Warp again! (x2, chords as above)
It's so [A]dreamy - oh fantasy [B]free me! So you can't [G]see me [D]- no not at [A]all.
In another dimension, with voyeuristic inten[B]-tion,
Well se[G]cluded [D]  I'll see [A]all.
With a bit of a mind flip - you're into the time[B] slip
[G]Nothing [D]can ever be the sam[A]e
You're spaced out on sensation - like you're under se[B]dation!
Let's do the Time Warp again! (x2, chords above)
Well I was tapping down the street just-a having a think
When a snake of a guy gave me an evil w[A7]ink, well it [D]shook me up,
it took me by surprise, he had a [A]pick-up truck and the devil's eyes,
He [E]stared at me and I [D]felt a change, [A]Time meant nothing never would again.
Let's do the Time Warp Again (x2)
It's just a jump to the left...
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(I don't really know the words to this ... I've put
in what I think the first verse is, and also the bridge.
Not a clue on the rest.)
[E]It's astounding
Time is [F#]fleeting[E]
[D]Madness[A] takes its [E]toll
[E]But listen closely
And not for very much [F#]longer[E]
[D]I've got to[A] keep con[E]trol
[E]I remember
Doing the [F#]time warp[E]
[D]Reaching[A] those moments [E]when
[E]The blackness would hit me
And a voice would be [F#]calling
[C]Let's [G]do the [D]time [A]warp [E]again
It's just a jump to the [B]left
And then a step to the [E]right
With your hands on your [B]hips
You bring your knees in [E]tight
But it's the pelvic [A]thrust
That really drives you in[E]sane
[C]Let's [G]do the [D]time [A]warp [E]again
[E]Well I was walking down the street just having a think
When a ??? of a guy gave me an evil wink
It [A]shook me it took me by surprise
He had a [E]pickup truck
And a devil's eyes
He [B]stared at me and I [A]felt ashamed
[E]Time ain't nothing never was again
[C]Let's [G]do the [D]time [A]warp [E]again

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lientie (report)

I think it would be better with the chords above the whole song, rather than just part of it. Then I could play through without needing to memorize it first!