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Babylon  David Gray

[Capo 1st] 
[D]     [G]                                
[D]Friday night I'm going nowhere
[G]All the lights are changing green to red [D]    [G]
[D]Turning over TV stations
[G]Situations running through my head  [D]     [G]
[D]Looking back through time
You know it's [G]clear that I've been blind
I've been a fool[D]  [G]
[D]To open up my heart
To all that [G]jealousy, that bitterness, that [D]ridicule[G]       [Em]
[D]Saturday I'm running wild
[G]And all the lights are changing red to gre[D]en  [G]
[D]Moving through the crowd I'm pushing
[G]Chemicals all rushing in  my bloodstream    [D]   [G]
[D]Only wish that you were here
You know I'm s[G]eeing it so clear
I've been afraid  [D]    [G]
[D]To show you how I really feel
[G]Admit to some of those bad mi[D]stakes I've made  [G]
[D]If you want it  [A]
Come and get it [Em]
Crying out lo[A]ud   [D]
The love that I wa[A]s
Giving you w[Em]as
Never in d[G]oubt [D]
Let go of yo[A]ur heart
Let go of yo[Em]ur head
And feel it [A]now [D]
Let go of yo[A]ur heart
Let go of yo[Em]ur head
And feel it[G] now
Babylon, [D]     [G]
Babylon, [D]     [G]
Babylon  [D]     [G]
Sunday all the lights of London
Shining sky is fading red to blue

Kicking through the Autumn leaves
And wondering where it is you might be going to
Turning back for home
You know I'm feeling so alone
I can't believe
Climbing on the stair
I turn around to see you smiling there
In front of me

If you want it
Come and get it
Crying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubt

Let go of your heart
Let go of your head
And feel it now

Let go of your heart
Let go of your head
And feel it now

Let go of your heart
Let go of your head
And feel it now

Let go of your heart
Let go of your head
And feel it now

Babylon, [D]       [G]
Babylon, [D]       [G]
Babylon, [D]       [G]
Babylon  [D]       [G]

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A D Em G

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Geosynchronous (report)

The chord is called a Dmaj7 -XX0222- and the "signature" hammer-on note you hear through out the entire song is him hammering on the 3d fret 2nd string.. while doing the Dmaj7. then go to G -- Note to everyone.. If your not sure of a chord or song. dont post it. your just teaching other ppl how to do it wrong

Tickoftime (report)

If you're like me - female - and your voice can't actually stoop that low, haha, then you can do it in a different key.
Friday night an' I'm goin' nowhere,
D A/C#
All the lights are changing green to

and so on and so forth..

And If you want it, come and get it,
Bm E
For cryin' out loud,
The love that i was, givin' you was,
Bm D
Never in doubt.
Let go of your heart, let go of your
Bm D
head, and feel it now. (x2)
A/C# D
Babylon (x3)

Like that..

bonedaddy (report)

Hi, just pressed the chopro button and it does actually say capo 1st fret! I dunno if this makes it closer to Dave123's version, but it certainly works. Actually, it works without the capo anyway - probably just a slightly different key.

dave123 (report)

hi chords are wrong every one dose babylon on chordie like this u can here its not right try this its like a sort of a D but i dont know the chord name so ill exsplain
2nd fret G AND B string like an em but down then thumb the F base E 2nd fret
now try u will know what the song is straight away oh and in the choras dont sit on the em 2 counts it should be a dodge F but use a G and sing over it and u will hide the slightly wrong chord no one will notice try and see dave123