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Basket Case  Greenday

[E]Do you have the [B]time
[C#m]To listen to [G#]me whine
[A]About nothin' and[E] everything all at[B] once
[E]I am one of [B]those
[C#m]melodramati[G#]c fools
[A]neurotic t[E]o the bone no doubt abou[B]t it

[A]Sometimes I [B]give myself the [E]creeps
[A]Sometimes my [B]mind plays tricks on [E]me
[A]It all keeps adding [B]up
[E]I think I'm cracking [C#m]up
A B E B C#m A (<-- repeat these 4 chords a few times)
Am I just paranoid, I'm just stoned

(I think there's a bridge part too that uses the chords in this last line
of the chorus)

From Tue Aug 2 19:55:48 1994
From: (Tom Cunningham)
Date: 2 Aug 94 10:18:29 -0500
Subject: Re: CRD: Green Day Song (not Longview)

Ed Cheng ( wrote:
: I think I've got down all the chords to this Green Day song. Actually,
: I don't even know the name of the song, I've just heard it on the radio
: and on MTV and thought it was pretty cool. I'd appreciate it if someone
: who has the album could finish up the rest and fill in the lyrics!

: Ed

: P.S. I hope this hasn't already been posted or placed at nevada.

: ---------------

: ???, by Green Day

: E: x79997
: B: 799877
: C#m: x46654
: G#: 466544
: A: 577655

: Verse:

: E B
: Do you have the time

NO!!! You have to tune a half step down to play it like this. The chords
should all be a half step down from what is listed in the crd.
The last line in the chorus is
"I'm just stoned". However, I'm very unsure of what is posted for the
"I think I'm cracking up" line. My band plays it like
Eb F G <--- All Power chords
I think I'm cracking up

however, I know this doesn't sound right. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Here's the outro to Basketcase:
Eb Ab Eb C Ab C Ab Eb Bb <---- All power chords
You can also play it like this if the above is too fast for you:
[Eb]     [C]    [Ab]   [Eb]   [Bb]                      

-Someone posted this song before I could, but there seems to be some
contreversy about it. I hope this settles it!

This is from Green Day's album DOOKIE

[Eb]Do you have the [Bb]time, [C]to listen to me [G]whine
[G#]About nothing and [Eb]everything all at [Bb]once
[Eb]I am one of [Bb]those, [C]mellodramatic [G]fools
[G#]Neurotic to the bone [Eb]no doubt about [Bb]it.

[G#]Sometimes I [Bb]give myself the [Eb]creeps
[G#]Sometimes my [Bb]mind plays tricks on [Eb]me
[G#]It all keeps [Bb]adding up, [Eb]I think [C#]I'm cracking [C]up
[G#]Am I just [Bb]paranoid? I'm just [Eb]stoned.

[Eb]      [Bb]      [C]     [Bb]     [Eb]     [Bb]      [C]   [Bb] 

I went to a shrink to analyze my dreams
She says it's lack of sex that's bringing me down
I went to a whore, she said my life's a bore
And quit my whining cause it's bringing her down.

I think the chorus is screwed up, but you'll have to forgive me, it's
from memory..

From: (Raymond Vellani)
Subject: CRD:basketcase greenday

[E]do you have the [B]time

to [C#min]listen to me [G#]whine
a[A]bout ?everything&[E]nothing?
all at [B]once
[E]i am one of [B]those
me[C#min]lodramatic [G#]fools
neu[A]rotic to the [E]core
no doubt about [B]it
[A]sometimes i [B]give myself the [E]creeps
[A]sometimes my [B]mind plays tricks on [E]me
it [A]all keeps adding [B]up
i [E]think i'm [B]cracking [C#min]up
A B E B C#min B x4(?)
am i just paranoid, or am i (?)

i [E]went to a [B]whore etc.....


E B C#min B x4
you [A]ask me to con[B]trol
[(nada)]so you better hold?
E B C#min G# A E-lo E-HI bar B x2?

[A]sometimes i [B]give myself the [E]creeps (etc...)


Esus4 Esus4/C# A E B x4

the guitar player pedals on a E to Esus4 figure while the bass player goes thru
the E-C#-A-E-B changes. for a satisfying armchair axe-warrior experience you
might try...
x7999x E
x79910x Esus4
9x999x E/C#
9x9910x Esus4/C#

the band either tunes down to Eb or tunes to D and then speeds up the tape to
make it more awesome. Dookie seems to be somewhere around Eb when you play it.
so while you can't play along with the record with this fingering, this is
probably the way they finger it.

the finale is... A E B

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A Ab B Bb C C# C#m C#min E Eb G G#

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