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Aladdin - A Whole New World  Misc. Cartoons

[D]I can [D/G]show you the w[D]orld
[D]Shining, s[D/G]himmering, [Bm]splen[A/C#]did
[Em]Tell me, [F#7]princess, now [Bm]when did
[Bm/A]You last [G]let your heart dec[D]ide?
[D]I can [D/G]open your ey[D]es
[D]Take you [D/G]wonder by [Bm]wond[A/C#]er
[Em]Over, s[F#7]ideways and u[Bm]nder
[Bm/A]On a ma[G]gic carpet r[D]ide
[G]A whole new wo[A]rld
[G]A new fan[A/C#]tastic poi[D]nt of view
No one to t[G]ell us [D/F#]no
Or wh[G]ere to [D/F#]go
Or [Bm7]say we're [E7]only d[A7]reaming
[G]A whole new wo[A]rld
A da[G]zzling plac[A]e I [Bbdim7]never k[Bm]new
[D7]But when I'm w[G]ay up h[D/F#]ere
It's c[G]rystal c[D/F#]lear
That [Bm7]now I'm [E7]in a [C]whole new w[A7]orld with y[D]ou
[D]Now I'm[Dsus4] in a w[C]hole new w[A7]orld with y[D]ou
[F]Unbel[F/Bb]ievable s[F]ights
[F]Indesc[F/Bb]ribable[Dm] fee[C/E]ling
[Gm]Soaring, t[A7]umbling, freewhe[Dm]eling
[Dm/C]Through an e[Bb]ndless diamond s[F]ky
[Bb]A whole new wo[C]rld
(Don't you dare close your eyes)
[Bb]A hundred th[C/E]ousand thi[F]ngs to see
(Hold your breath - it gets better)
I'm like a s[Bb]hooting s[F/A]tar
I've c[Bb]ome so [F/A]far
I [Dm7]can't go [G7]back to [C7]where I used to be

[Bb]A whole new world[C]
(Every turn a surprise)
[Bb]With new hori[C]zons[Dbdim7] to pur[Dm]sue
(Every moment red-letter)
[F7]I'll chase them [Bb]anywh[F/A]ere
There's t[Bb]ime to sp[F/A]are
[Dm7]Let me sh[G7]are this w[Eb]hole new wo[C7]rld with yo[F]u

A wh[Bb]ole new wo[C]rld
That's wh[Bb]ere we'll [C]be
A thr[Bb]illing cha[C]se
A w[Bb]onderous plac[C]e
For [C7]you and m[F]e


I've looked for the chords to this song for ages, but they don't seem to be anywhere,
so I got the piano sheet music off and got the chords off that. It's a
little hard to follow from the sheets, but I tried my best. I got rid of some of the
alt-bass notes cos they're unnecessary for guitar, but others sound good, so I left
them in. At worst, it's a starting point for someone to do a better transcription.
Anywho, enjoy, beautiful song!



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