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Every Breath You Take  Police

[CBORDS USED]   Note: pick notes with fingers or a plectrum
    [G]  [add9]                        [Em]   [add9]                        [C]  [sus2]                                                                                                                                                                 
 e[--------------------]   e[--------------------]   e[----------3---------]
 B[----------0---------]   B[--------------------]   B[--------------------]
 G[------2-----2---2---]   G[----------0---------]   G[------5-----5---5---]
 D[----0---0-----0-----]   D[------4-----4---4---]   D[----5---5-----5-----]
 A[--------------------]   A[----2---2-----2-----]   A[--3-----------------]
 E[--3-----------------]   E[--0-----------------]   E[--------------------]

D sus2 NOTE: C sus2/Bb A add9 Eb F
 e[----------5---------]  strum       e[--0--]   e[--0--]   e[--3--]   e[--1--]
 B[--------------------]  following   B[--3--]   B[--2--]   e[--4--]   e[--1--]
 G[------7-----7---7---]  chords      G[--5--]   G[--4--]   e[--3--]   e[--2--]
 D[----7---7-----7-----]              D[--5--]   D[--2--]   e[--1--]   e[--3--]
 A[--5-----------------]              A[--3--]   A[--0--]   e[--0--]   e[--0--]
 E[--------------------]              E[--7--]   E[--0--]   e[--0--]   e[--0--]

[INTRO] ** Note: pick all notes as shown above **

G add9 | G add9 | Em add9 | Em add9 | C sus2 | D sus2 | G add9

[VERSE] ** Note: pick all notes as shown above **
[G] E[add9]very breath you take,
  Every move you m[Em]ake[add9],
  Every bone you b[C]re[sus2]ak,
  Every step you t[D]ak[sus2]e,
  I\'ll be watch[Em]ing[add9] you.
  Every single day[G], [add9]
  Every word you s[Em]ay,[add9]
  Every game you p[C]la[sus2]y,
  Every night you [D]st[sus2]ay,
  I\'ll be watch[G]in[add9]g you.
[CBORUS] ** Note: strum all notes **
                  [C]  [sus2]                 
Oh, can\'t you see,
  [C]Yo[sus2/Bb]u belong to me[G], [add9]
  How my poor hear[A]t [add9]aches,
  With every step [D]yo[sus2]u take,
  Every move you m[G]ak[add9]e,
  Every vow you br[Em]eak[add9],
  Every claim you [D]st[sus2]ake,
  I\'ll be watch[Em]ing[add9] you.

[INTERLUDE] ** Note: strum all notes **
  [Eb]Since you\'ve been gone, I\'ve been lost without a trace,
  [F]I dream at night I can only see your face,
  [Eb]I look around but it\'s you I can\'t replace,
  [F]I feel so cold and I long for your embrace,
  [Eb]I keep crying baby, baby please.
[INSTRUMENTAL] ** Note: pick all notes as shown above **
G add9 | G add9 | Em add9 | Em add9 | C sus2 | D sus2 | G add9

[OUTRO] ** Note: pick all notes as shown above **
  [Em]Eve[add9]ry move you mak[C]e,[sus2]
  Every step you tak[D]e,[sus2]
  I\'ll be watchin[Em]g y[add9]ou.
Em add9 |:G add9 G add9 Em add9 C sus2:| Repeat to Fade
I\'ll be watching you.



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A C D Eb Em F G

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