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Same Old Lang Syne  Dan Fogelberg

(The Following are the notes of the original contibutor and only showed up in editing mode.
I have edited his text to have them show up on the main screen because they add a lot. Tunedeaf)

Chords by: Louie A. Ebojo

Standard Tuning: EADGBe
Am x02210 F 133211
Bb7 x13131 FM7 1x3210 use thumb on 6th (E) string
C x32010 FM7/G 3x3210
CM7 x35453 Fm6 130111 or 1x0111 use thumb on 6th (E) string
D7/F# 2x0210 G 320003
D7 xx0210
Dm6 xx0431
Em 022000
Note: The song is originally played using a piano, the chords
Are arranged for a guitar.

Intro: [C] [Am] [C] [Am] [C] [C] [Am] [D7] [F] [G] (I like to add a single strum of [Asus4]
after the [Am]'s )

Me[C]t my old lover in a groce[Am]ry store
Th[C]e snow was falling Christmas eve [Am]
I [C]stole behind her in the froze[Am]n foods
And I touc[D7]hed her on her sleev[F]e    [A9sus4] or [Em]
Sh[C]e didn't recognize the face[Am] at first
Bu[C]t then her eye flew open wide[Am]
Sh[C]e went to hug me and she spill[Am]ed her purse
And we laugh[D7]ed until we crie[F]d.   [A9sus4] or [Em]
Interlude: (Do intro chords)

Sh[C]e took her groc'ries to the check[Am]-out stand
Th[C]e food was totaled up and bagg[Am]ed
We[C] stood there lost in our embarr[Am]assment
As the conve[D7]rsation dragg[F]ed[A9sus4] or [Em]
We[C]nt to have ourselves a drin[Am]k or two
Bu[C]t couldn't find and open bar[Am]
Bo[C]ught a six-pack at the liquo[Am]r store
And we dr[D7]ank it in her [F]car.[A9sus4] or [Em]


W[Am]e drank a toast to innoc[F]ence
We drank[G] a toast to now[Am]
W[Am]e tried to reach beyond the empti[F]ness
But neith[G]er one knew [Cm7]how.[G]

(2nd Verse Chords)

S[C]he said she married her an a[Am]rchitect
W[C]ho kept her warm and safe and d[Am]ry
S[c]he would've liked to say she l[Am]oved the man
But she d[D7]idn't like to l[F]ie.[A9sus4] or [Em]
[C]I said the years had been a f[Am]riend to her
[C]And her eyes was still as b[Am]lue
[C]But in those eyes I wasn't s[Am]ure if I
Saw a d[D7]oubt of grati[F]tude.[A9sus] or [Em]
Sh[C]e said she saw in the reco[Am]rd stores
An[C]d that I must be doin[Am]g well
I [C]said the audience was heav[Am]enly
But the tra[D7]velling was [F]hell.[Em]


[Am]We drank a toast to inno[F]cence
We d[G]rank a toast to now[Am]
W[Am]e tried to reach beyond the empti[F]ness
But neith[G]er one knew [Cm7]how.[G]
We[Am] drank a toast to innoc[F]ence,
We dr[G]ank a toast to [Am]time.
R[Am]eliving in our eloque[F]nce
G pause
Another "auld lang syne."[Cm7]

(2nd Verse Chords)
The beer was empty and our tongues were tired
And running out of things to say
She gave a kiss to me as I got out
And I watched her drive away
Just for a moment I was back in school
And felt that old familiar pain
A[C]nd as I turned to make my w[Am]ay b[A9sus4]ack h[Am]ome
The s[Fmaj]now turned into [F]rain.[Cm7]

Outro:	CM7-Dm6-CM7-F-G,


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Am Asus4 C Cm7 D7 Em F Fmaj G

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