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Run Around  Blues Traveler

[G]Once [C]upon a [Am]midnight [D]dearie
[G]I woke [C]with something [Am]in my [D]head
[G]I couldn't [C]escape th[Am]e me[D]mory
[G]Of a [C]phone call and [Am]of what you [D]said
[G]Like a [C]game show [Am]contestant w[D]ith a parting gi[G]ft
I could [C]not [Am]believe my [D]eyes
[G]When I [C]saw through the [Am]voice [D]of a trusted fri[G]end
[G]Who nee[C]ds to humor me a[Am]nd tel[D]l me [G]lies
[G]Yeah [C]humor me and [Am]tell me [D]lies
[G]And I'll [C]lie too a[Am]nd say I[D] don't mind
[G]And as [C]we seek [Am]so shall [D]we find
[G]And when [C]you're feeling [Am]open I'[D]ll still be here
[G]But not [C]without a c[Am]ertain d[D]egree of fear [G]
[G]Of what [C]will be with [Am]you and [D]me
[G]I still [C]can see thi[Am]ngs hopef[D]ully
[G]But [C]you      [Am]     [D]
[G]Why you [C]wanna give [Am]me a [D]run-around
[G]Is it a [C]sure-fire way to s[Am]peed things [D]up
[G]When all [C]it does is [Am]slow me [D]down
Slow me down

[G]And shake [C]me and [Am]my confid[D]ence
[G]About a [C]great m[Am]any thi[D]ngs
[G]But I've been [C]there I can [Am]see it [D]cower
[G]Like a ne[C]rvous ma[Am]gician w[D]aiting in the wings[G]
Of a [C]bad play [Am]where the [D]heroes are right[G]
And nobody [C]thinks or [Am]expects too [D]much
[G]And Hollyw[C]ood's calling for the[Am] movie [D]rights
[G]Singing hey [C]babe let's k[Am]eep in [D]touch
[G]Hey [C]baby let's [Am]keep in [D]touch
[G]But I want [C]more than a to[Am]uch I want you to [D]reach me
[G]And show me [C]all the t[Am]hings no one [D]else can see
[G]So what you [C]feel becomes [Am]mine as w[D]ell
[G]And soon if we'[C]re lucky we'd [Am]be unable to [D]tell
[G]What's yours and [C]mine the [Am]finshings [D]fine
[G]And it [C]doesn't h[Am]ave to rhy[D]me so don't feed me a [G]line
[G]But [C]you      [Am]     [D]
[G]Why you [C]wanna give [Am]me a [D]run-around
[G]Is it a [C]sure-fire way to s[Am]peed things [D]up
[G]When all [C]it does is [Am]slow me [D]down
[G]Slow [C]me down  [Am]

[G]Tra la la la la [C]bomba dear this is the [Am]pilot [D]speaking
[G]And I'v[C]e got s[Am]ome news [D]for you
[G]It seems my [C]ship still stands [Am]no matter what you [D]drop
[G]And there ain't a whole [C]lot that[Am] you can [D]do
[G]Oh sure the [C]banner may be torn and [Am]wind's gotten [D]colder
[G]Perhaps [C]I've grown a l[Am]ittle cyn[D]ical
[G]But I know no[C] matter what the [Am]waitress [D]brings
[G]I shall [C]drink in and [Am]always be [D]full
[G]My c[C]up shall always [Am]be f[D]ull

[G]Oh I like [C]coffee, [Am]And I like [D]tea
[G]I'd like [C]to be able to [Am]enter a f[D]inal plea
[G]I [C]still got this d[Am]ream that you c[D]an't shake
[G]I love [C]you to the [Am]point you can [D]no longer take
[G]Well all rig[C]ht okay
[Am]So be that [D]way
[G]I hope and p[C]ray
That there's s[Am]omething l[D]eft to say
[G]But [C]you      [Am]     [D]
[G]        [C]           [Am]     [D]            

Why you wanna give me a run-around
[G]Is it a [C]sure-fire way to s[Am]peed things [D]up
[G]When all [C]it does is [Am]slow me [D]down
Slow me down

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