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The River   Bruce Springsteen


I c[Am]ome from down in the [C]valley, where [G]mister when you're[F] young
They [Am]bring you up to d[C]o li[F]ke your daddy d[C]one
Me and [F]Mary we met in high school, when [C]she was just [G]sevent[Am]een
We'd r[Dm]ide out of that valley down to [C]where the fields were [F]green
We'd go d[Am]own to the ri[F]ver, And i[G]nto the river we'd d[C]ive
Oh d[Am]own to the r[F]iver we'd [G]ride  [A]
Then I[Am] got Mary pre[C]gnant, And m[G]an that was all she wr[F]ote
And for [Am]my nineteenth bir[C]thday I got a union c[F]ard and a wedding c[C]oat
We we[F]nt down to the courthouse, And the j[C]udge put [G]it all to [Am]rest
No wed[Dm]ding day smiles no walk down in the aisle, No flo[C]wers no wedding dr[F]ess
That night we went d[Am]own to the [F]river, And i[G]nto the river we'd d[C]ive
On [Am]down to the ri[F]ver we did r[G]ide  [F]
I [Am]got a job working cons[C]truction for the Joh[G]nstown Compa[F]ny
But la[Am]tely there ain't been much w[C]ork on acc[F]ount of the ec[C]onomy
Now a[F]ll them things that seemed so important
Well mister th[C]ey vanished right i[G]nto the a[Am]ir
Now I just a[Dm]ct like I don't remember, Mary a[C]cts like she don't c[F]are
But I re[Am]member us riding in my b[C]rother's car
Her body t[G]an and wet down at the [F]reservoir
At [Am]night on them banks I'd [C]lie awake
And pull her [F]close just to feel each other [C]breath she'd take
Now those [F]memories come back to haunt me, They [C]haunt me like a [Am]curse
Is a [Dm]dream a lie if it don't come true, Or [C]is it something worse that sends me
[Am]Down to the ri[F]ver though I [G]know the river is [C]dry,
That sends me [Am]down to the [F]river [G]tonight
[Am]Down to the r[F]iver, My b[G]aby and [C]I, Oh d[Am]own the ri[F]ver we'd r[G]ide
oh [Am]oh oh [F]oh oh oh (The exact amount of oohing depends on version)
From: (go-man)
suggests start on Em and change accordingly
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 10:16:23 -0500
Subject: The_River Harmonica part

This is an addition to the Bruce Springsteen song, "The River." He actually
plays an A harmonica, but the part can be played on a C. It is pretty simple,
this is the version off of the 3rd disc of the live box set.

numbers with V under them mean inhale, A means exhale.
	6-7-7-8-8-7-6-6   8-8-7-8-7-6

I am 99% sure this is accurate. any corrections/flames can be sent to
me at
I hope this helps, anyone else who plays the harmonica, send in music, most of it doesn't seem too hard to play!!!!
Glen Goland

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MeganJane (report)

I tend to play this without the dreaded F if that helps

I (Em)come from down the (G)valley
Where (D)Mr when your're (C)young
They (Em) bring you up to do(G) (C)like your Daddy (G)done