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Desperado  Eagles

Desper[G]ado[G7], why don't you [C]come to your se[Cm]nses ?
You been [G]out ridin' fe[Em7]nces for [A7]so long no[D7]w
Oh, you're a [G]hard one[G7], I know that [C]you got your rea[Cm]sons,
These [G]things that [B7]are ple[Em7]asin' you can [A7]hurt you [D7]somehow[G]
[D]Don't you [Em]draw the queen of [Bm]diamonds boy,
She'll [C]beat you if she's [G]able,
You know the [Em7]queen of hearts is [C]always your best [G]bet[D]
Now it [Em]seems to me some [Bm]fine things have been [C]laid upon your [G]table
But you [Em]only want the [A7]ones you can't [Am7]get
[D]De[D7]sper[G]ado[G7], oh you ain't [C]gettin' no you[Cm]nger,
Your [G]pain and your hu[Em7]nger, they're [A7]drivin' you [D7]home
And [G]freedom[G7], well, that's just [C]some people ta[Cm]lkin'
Your [G]prison [B7]is wa[Em7]lkin' through this [A7]world all [D7]alone[G]
[D]Don't your [Em]feet get cold in the [Bm]winter time ?
The [C]sky won't snow and [G]the sun won't shine
It's [Em7]hard to tell the [C]night time from the [G]day[D]
You're [Em]losin' all your [Bm]highs and lows
Ain't it [C]funny how the [G]feelin' goes a[Am7]way
[D]Des[D7]per[G]ado[G7], why don't you [C]come to your se[Cm]nses
Come [G]down from [D]your fe[Em]nces[A7], open the [D7]gate
It may be [G]rainin'[G7],  but there's a [C]rainbow abov[Cm]e you
You better [G]let some[B7]body [Em]love you,[C] [G] [Am7]
You better [G]let some[B7]body [Em]love you be[Am7]fore it's [D7]too [G]late

Chords used:
E A D G B e

A7 x 0 2 0 2 0
Am7 0 0 2 0 1 0
B7 x 2 1 2 0 2
C 0 3 2 0 1 0
Cm x x 5 4 3 3
D x 0 0 2 3 2
D7 x x 0 2 1 2
Em 0 2 2 0 0 0
Em7 0 2 2 0 3 0
G 3 x 0 0 0 3
G7 3 x 0 0 0 1

From: (spideir)
Subject: Desperado ("Organ" part)
DESPERADO (Henley & Frey, 1973)--"Organ" Part
-- guitar arrangement: tcg, 2/89
--4/4 // Key of G // Andante (pretty slow)
--use vibrato and/or wave effex box to mimic organ sound
--note durations: s=sixteenth note; e=eighth; q=quarter; q.=dotted quarter;
h=half; w=whole; (e)=eighth rest . . .
--!x!=play harmonic
--since only the "highest" four strings are played in this "melody chord"
arrangement, the low e & a strings are omitted in the actual tab
--chords are named according to voicings shown here; NOT rhythm-chord
designations, necessarily (though do harmonize with "book" chords)
--some way-up-the-fingerboard chords have been reduced to two notes
rather than three to ease fingering on a small (my!) fretboard
--"Organ" part begins with first "B" section ("Don't you draw the queen of
       [Em]      [Bm]            [C]      [G]   [GM9]         [Em]        [C]         [G]     [D7]                  

h h h q q h h q. e e e e e
         [Em]       [Bm7]            [C]       [G]            [Em]       [A9]         [Am9]        [D]    [D9]           
       h     h           h      q.   e       w>---------------

      [G]      [G9]             [C]                  [G]    [D]     [Em]          [A7]      [D]               
      h      h           w------q---q--     q    q    h       h      h--e--e-

        [G]    [G9]           [C]              [G]  [D7b9]     [Em]        [A7]    [D7]        [G]       [D]    [D7]           
     h    h         w-------e--   q  q   h    2/4:q   q      q   q   q   q

      [Em]       [Bm7]           [C]      [G]    [GM9]        [Em]      [C]           [G]              [D]          

h h h q q h q q (e) e e e e e e e
         [Em]       [Bm7]           [C]        [G]              [Am]                       [D]   [D9]           
       h      h          h      h              w>-------------

****A3 (&Coda):
    [G]        [G9]             [C]      [Cm6]            [G]    [D]    [Em(Esus4]             [A9]      [D7]             
    h--e-e-- h           h      h          q   q   h---q--      h     h

        [G]         [G11]          [C]        [Cm6]       [G]    [D7]    [Em]             [C]       [G]    [Am]            

q q h h h q q q e s s e e q h
    [G]   [D7b9]      [Em]           [Am7]               [G]    [G7]         [C]     [Cm6]          [G]                

q q h(ferm) w w ritard. h h w(ferm)

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A7 A9 Am Am7 Am9 B7 Bm Bm7 C Cm Cm6 D D7 D7b9 D9 Em Em7 G G11 G7 G9 Gm9

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