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okay here goes:

intro is - <b>G C/G G C/G</b>

verse is - <b>G Am; D G; Em Asus4 A; C D</b>

Chorus is - <b>G ; Am ; G/B C D; Am Dsus4 D; G</b>

Key change is 1/2 step up on the last verse and chorus...good luck

This all can be found here: <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;www.countrytabs.com/songs.asp?id=36448" target="_blank">Joe Nichols</a>

But you have to register first.



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Great song Roger. I need to go check it out on the myspace link.


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Okay this started out as being a song about my wife and how she never finishes jobs she starts on her extreemly long weekend list of chores. But I got the idea of a woman who was like that with relationships, some of whom I've known in the past, and I thought of writing it from a guy still thinking she would come back...anyway that's the idea. So here's the song; I play it with pretty slow tempo (60ish beats per min) but fit it to your own style as you like. I also finger pick the verses and strum the chorus but play as you like.

Little ButterflyBy Jeff Gilpin

March 18, 2007

verse 1

[Am]Little butterfly

[Dm]Flying here and there

[Am]When you gonna fly to [G]me [Em]

[Am]Aren't I on your radar

[Dm]Can't you even see me

[Am]I'll be waiting [G]patient[Am]ly


[Dm]Fly to [G]me [Am]butterfly

[G]Fly to [Dm]me butter[Am]fly

verse 2

[Am]You flew to me before

[Dm]I thought I was your flower

[Am]Some other flower caught your [G]eye[Em]

[Am]So you flew to them

[Dm]Then on to another

[Am]You didn't even [G]say good[Am]bye


[Dm]Fly to [G]me butter[Am]fly

[G]Fly to [Dm]me butter[Am]fly


[Dm]I wished it was that [G]simple

That [Am]I'd only have to [Em]want you

[G]And like magic [Em]you'd be mine [Am]again[Am7]

But [Dm]life is ever [G]tragic

[Am]Filled with disap[Em]pointment

That [G]leaves you sad and [Dm]hollow in the [E]end[E7]

verse 3

[Am]I still try to forget you

[Dm]That I was once your flower

[Am]I can't no matter how I [G]try[Em]

If fairy [Am]tales and happy endings

Could [Dm]just this once come true

They'd [Am]bring me back my [Dm]little [G]butter[Am]fly.


[Dm]Fly to [G]me butter[Am]fly

[G]Fly to [Dm]me butter[Am]fly

© Jeff Gilpin 2009

I found the bass tab here: <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;www.rockmagic.net/guitar-tabs/eric-clapton-cream/the_shape_youre_in.btab" target="_blank">The Shape You're In</a> The Chords follow the same pattern which are <b>E A D G</b>. Good Luck

The best is to do both in my opinion. The computer can duplicate the learning environment you get working with a live instructor but the instructor can't have 24 hour access to you so I say why not do both.


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Try here: <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;www.e-tabs.org/tab/rupert_holmes/escape_(pina_colada_song)" target="_blank">Escape(The Pina Colada Song)</a>


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He's a young kid with a great sound. His song <b>New Shoes </b>has a great beat and would just put you in a good mood even on your worse day. Check him out: <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=35929169" target="_blank">Paolo Nutini</a>


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Hey Roger,

Shoot me a message on my myspace page. I recorded a crappy, screwed up version of the first 2 verses and chorus of Sleep Mystery but you'll get the idea of how the chords fit. My first wack a recording so its a nervous, screwed up stinking .wav file. I need to get a good music suite to record better. Even so you'll get the idea and I really do like the song. My wife says it sounds better slower but I think it's okay fast too. I couldn't see how to attach it to the myspace message system so shoot me your email if you can.




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Hey James,

Nice - I tried the <b>A</b> a few diferent ways (<b>Am7</b>, <b>Asus</b>, <b>A7</b>...) and really each sounds good but different. My fav was going from <b>A</b> like your wrote it to an <b>Asus</b> or the other way around but it's good with just the <b>A</b> standing by itself as well.


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Okay - If you have read any of my posts you may already know that I'm a big Alison Krauss & Union Station Fan. Just to explain why, every member of the band is just a great musician. I'm a big Ron Block fan just because he writes the best (IMHO) but <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;music.yahoo.com/release/40734245" target="_blank">Jerry Douglas</a> is just something else with his playing. He plays the Dobro and he can pretty much make it do anything you can think of. So he has a new CD out and I highly recommend you check it out just because it is a decadent feast for your ears. But don't take my word for it listen for yourself and see. Oh yeah, listening to him live is even better....I'll shut up now. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy"> <img src="index.php?t=getfile&id=94&private=0" border=0 alt="index.php?t=getfile&id=94&private=0">


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I think any chordie member can figure out where this comes from. Hope you like it. j

Sleep Mystery Jeff Gilpin - March 14, 2007

Verse 1

[Am]Strumming along to songs from my [F]past

Remembering [G]all my yester[Dsus2]days

Can [Am]make me for[F]get the passing [Dsus2]time

[Am]As the passing night moves [F]onward

[G]My eyelids start to [Dsus2]waver

As do my [Am]fingers, my [D]voice and my [E]rhymes

verse 2

[Am]Eventually I’ll look [F]up

[G]Just to check the [Dsus2]time

[Am]Surprised once [F]again at how it’s [Dsus2]flown

I’ll [Am]tidy up and shut things [F]down

And [G]shake my head [Dsus2]again

[Am]Thinking about this [D]problem that I [E]own


I’d [Am]rather sleep a [F]goodnights sleep

Than [G]almost any[Am]thing

So [Am]please someone [F]please explain to [G]me

How I [Am]seem to go with[F]out

[G]Almost every [Am]night

I [Am]swear it is a [G]mystery to [Am]me

verse 3

I get [Am]caught up in the [F]rhythm

And I [G]just can’t help my[Dsus2]self

I’ll be [Am]playing or writing or [F]reading or a bit of all [Dsus2]three

I [Am]want to stop I [F]swear I do

But for some [G]reason I just [Dsus2]don’t

[Am]Even thought I [D]know how tomorrow will [E]be


verse 4

So if [Am]that’s my worse [F]problem

Then I [G]guess it’s not so [Dsus2]bad

So [Am]long as I can [F]catch up after a [Dsus2]while

[Am]This is my [F]look away

[G]From my daily [Dsus2]grind

And [Am]helps me keep my [D]sanity in [E]style

Chorus X 2

© Jeff Gilpin 2009

Play Asus like x00230


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Thats okay...if it takes 6.5 to tell then I'll not push it any further. I'm still waiting for my son to check it out...


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Yep, all those seventeenish girls are somewhere in there mid fifties now. At least in my case...but not in my mind. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy">


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Thanks James. It was fun to write and is fun to play and sing.


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Okay, this didn't happen to me but I do remember summer camps and older teenage counslers and stuff like that so I guess it could have happened.   

Must Have Been the Kum Ba Yah By Jeff Gilpin – March 12, 2007

I was [A]thinking way back when I [D]heard my first camp fire [A]song

The crackling fire gave off an eerie [E]glow

I’m not [A]sure what she was playing but you’d [D]think that I would [A]know

I [A]guess it must a [E]been Kum Ba [A]Yah


Kum ba [A]yah my lord, [D]Kum Ba [A]Yah

Kum ba [A]yah my lord, [D]Kum ba [E]yah

Kum ba [A]yah my lord [D]Kum ba [A]yah

[D]Oh [A]lord [E]Kum ba [A]yah

[A]I was just a na�ve kid, [D]clueless of the [A]world

But I tell you now she had me mesme[E]rized

[A]Lit up by the firelight she was [D]strumming soft and [A]sure

I [A]guess it must have [E]been the Kum ba [A]yah



And [D]as she softly sang she urged us [A]all to sing along

She was [E]lit up like an angel in the [A]pines

And [D]while every one was singing [A]I just stared and stood

[B7]Lost in thoughts a little before my [E]time

Of [A]course she didn’t notice me as I [D]stood out with the [A]rest

But you know what, I didn’t even [E]care

I was [A]caught up in a moment on a [D]magic summer [A]night

I [A]guess it must have [E]been the Kum Ba [A]yah

chorus X2

© Jeff Gilpin 2009

I like it James - I can see a lot of jamming in between the verses. Clever lyrics as well.


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Thanks -  I can see that - I tried to make sure the story part was different from what we wrote way back in the day. BTW Aphrodite is really great on your myspace. Well done.


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So I just wrote "Weathered" and it got me to thinking way back before I even thought of picking up a guitar. My son Tim was having a bad time and ....I'll let the song tell it:

Chicken Pox Blues By Jeff & Tim Gilpin – March 11, 2007

Verse 1

[C]I’m gonna tell you a little story

Happened ‘bout 15 years ago

In the shadow Of Mount Hakkoda

Way, way [C7]north of Tokyo

[F]On the Air Base of Misawa

My boy he was not happy[C]

He had [G7]spots all over his body

Was real [F]itchy and feeling crappy[C] [G7]


He had the [F]Chicken Pox Blues

He had the [C]Chicken Pox Blues

Those [G7]chicken pox blues

[F]‘bout drove him out of his [C]mind[G7]

Verse 2

[C]So I thought, hmmm, what I can do

That’ll make him feel better

Should I write him a card?

Maybe [C7]knit him a sweater?

[F]Both great ideas

But not my forte[C]

So I [G7]went on upstairs

And [F]was about say[C] [G7]


You got those [F]Chicken Pox Blues

You got those [C]Chicken Pox Blues

You got those [G7]Chicken Pox Blues

And they’re [F] ‘bout drive you out of your [C]mind[G7]

Verse 3

[C]That’s what I almost said

But in the end I just sighed

The boy looked so sad

I [C7]just about cried

Then I [F]had a great idea

And it wouldn’t take us very long[C]

We could [G7]sit down together

And [F]write us a chicken pox [C]song[G7]


About those [F]chicken pox blues

About those [C]chicken pox blues

About those [G7]chicken pox blues

[F]Before they drive you out of your [C]mind[G7]

Verse 4

[C]So we pulled out his keyboard

And sat on the floor

We put down his feelings

Which you [C7]know were piss poor

So [F]when we were done

We had us a bluesy chicken pox song[C]

[G7]Now here it is and if you like

Feel [F]free to sing [C]along[G7]


1st Verse

[G]Woke up this morning

Had some spots on my back[C] [G]

I couldn’t even

Get out of the sack[C] [C]

Spots on my neck

On my face on my hand[C] [G]

These chicken pox

Are something I can’t stand

[D7]Oh lord,

Have [C]pity on me

These [G]chicken pox

Are going to be the [D7]death of me


I’ve got those [C]Chicken Pox Blues

I’ve got those [G]Chicken Pox Blues

Yeah, those [D7]Chicken Pox Blues

A[C]bout to drive me out of my [G]mind[D7]


2nd Verse

[G]Just then

The itching kicked in[C] [G]

I even started to

itch on my chin[C] [C]

Itch on my back

My feet my knee[C] [G]

Just can’t stand the itching

It won’t let me be

[D7]Oh lord

Please, [C]hear my cry

Please [G]make ‘em stop itching

or just let me [D7]die


I’ve got those [C]Chicken Pox Blues

I’ve got those [G]Chicken Pox Blues

Yeah, those [D7]Chicken Pox Blues

A[C]bout to drive me out of my mind[D7] [G7]

Verse 5

[C]Well there’s our tale

As best as I recall

Looking back it

Doesn’t [C7]seem so tall

Yep, [F]it was just a moment

Between a father and his [C]son

We [G7]had great times

And they’re [F]many more to [C]come[G7]


But no more [F]chicken pox blues

Said no more [C]chicken pox blues

I’ve put those [G7]chicken pox blues

[F]Miles and miles out of my [C]mind[G7]

Yeah no more [F]chicken pox blues

They’re over and [C]Tim you can just [C7]cruise

Yeah you can [G7]cruise on down the road

[F]Thinking of a simpler time[C7]

© Jeff Gilpin 2009
Tim's currently a 21C/Bridge Crewmember in the US Army stationed at Ft. Hood and he's expecting to deploy back to Iraq this summer. So, Tim, this one's for you. HBTL

Here's my go:

<b>And you know you drive me crazy

which is why you do what you do

Mrs Heartake please dont stop it

Cause I cant get enough of you</b>

Take it and run... <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy">

My idea is the the verses are sung about her and the chorus is sung to her. What do you think?


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Okay when I read your song and played it I didn't get it mainly because I wasn't singing your lyrics like you do. I liked your myspace version although I'm sure it can be cleaned up a bit. All in all though not bad.


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Okay, I stole an idea from Roger and James and tried not to be so serious for a change so here is my submittion. Basicly Blues in E with my complaints about how "accurate" the DC area weather people are.

Weathered (or) The Weatherman Blues By Jeff Gilpin – March 10th, 2007


[E] [A] [B7] [A] [B7] [E7]

[E]Wake up in the morning

What’s it gonna do

[A]Weather man says

Skys gonna be blue

[E]I dress for sunny skys and head out the door

[B7]That’s about the time the [A]rain begins to pore[E] [B7]

I said, [A]Damn!

That weather [E]man

He [B7]got me[A] weathered again[E]

Yeah, I Said, [A]Damn!

That weather [E]man

Yeah, he’s [B7]got me[A] weathered again[E] [B7]

[E]Okay, it's another day

So it's you know gotta be better

[A]I mean its a 50-50 shot

Just guessing at the weather

[E]Burr he says, you’re gonna be freezing

[B7]So why am I sweating? [A]You know the reason[E] [B7]

I said, [A]Damn!

That weather [E]man

He's [B7]got me[A] weathered again[E]

Yeah, I Said, [A]Damn!

That weather [E]man

Yeah, he’s [B7]got me[A] weathered again[E] [B7]


He says it's [A]mostly cloudy; you better [E]wear your shades fellas

[A]Sunny all day, you better [E]take your umbrellas

[A]No chance of snow, then [E]break out your shovels

That [B7]weatherman he ain’t nothing but trouble

[A]Picnic weather means we [E]got a lightning storm

[A]He says blizzard then we're [E]gonna get warm

[A]Droughts about over means [E]maybe next year

So [B7]why’s the weather’s being [A]not so clear?[E] [B7]

Repeat verse music only

Back to break

Finish with chorus below

Said, [A]Damn!

That weather [E]man

[B7]Got me [A]weathered again[E]

Yeah I said, [A]Damn

That weather [E]man

[B7]He got me[A] weathered again[E7]

© Jeff Gilpin 2009


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Okay....more playing with your song and I think the <b>C7</b> (I added in the chorus) fits better with a <b>G</b> right after. Then it rolls back into the verses better. And adding a break might be good as you say. But it's a pretty fun song to play loud  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy">


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Okay, I took a look but adjusted it a bit so see what you think:

I played as written but thru in a <b>D</b> on "fun" not <b>G</b>

and in the chorus I added a <b>C7</b> on "tonight"

I continued on through out the song with these "adjustments" and it sounded almost "Back in the USSR"-ish if you know what I mean

Played at a pretty thumping pace it sounds hot


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Great song but can't find it anywhere. Any help?


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I'm a huge AKUS fan and I did see a mention of missing you on the union station website but I havn't heard the duet yet. I'll try to find it.