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cameronkl7 wrote:

Please excuse my stupidty, but just what is an E-Bow, though I may have an idea, but would just like to be sure!


Look on U tube , a few players doing demos.


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Checkout this channel on Sky No 279, loads of old country and western stuff.


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Going back a few hundred years and you Would be a meat eater.


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dfoskey wrote:

I just got a new Takamine that has the cheap rounded bridge pins that are hard to remove and i want to change them out. Will brass bridge pins have any effect on the tone of the guitar?

Yes they will change the tone, normally for the better.

Take it back to the shop to get it set-up.

Look on youtube for easy guitar video,s .lots on there.


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Set your controls at the half way mark and adjust as you like till you get a decent tone .


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Thanks Rusell , I,ll heed your advice.


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Thanks Russell , I,m new to all this electronic wizardy, was just wanting confirmation that I was not doing any damage to the units.. regards  henry.


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Russell , I have the little line in sockets on my Marshall as50d but not on my Roland cube60 , so it would have to go in normal socket , hope this helps .


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Russell, it does work OK , I tried it because I didn,t have any other cables . and it doesn,t specify in the manual either  [unless I missed it]  henry.


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Just got my BR600 and need to know if it is OK to play through the machine  as: guitar lead to guitar/bass socket in and headphone socket out to amplifier .thanks.


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The wild Haggis up here are all herbivore , so should be suitable for veggie munchers..

Depends on what sheet music has , is it only the melody line or does it have second part [ rhythm] and bass part .


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Try the  www.jazzguitar .com forum


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Do you mean an  "Auto Harp"  such as the Suzuki model ?

I used the RP150 through my Marshall acoustic.

Elbow grease , works wonders.


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Try Elixir strings, they are the best on the market. best prices on ebay.

Do a Google it,s on there.


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Guitarpix wrote:

+1 on the Marshall AS50D recommended by southpaw! I own one of these and they are bang up amps for the dollar!

I,ll second that.


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Marshall as50d .


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Just cover the first two notes and leave the others for the time being , you can use that shape right up the fret board ,easy. once you master that you,ll wonder what all the fuss was about  ...

Zurf wrote:

It isn't possible for mere mortals.  That chord is for mutants only.  I always substitute B7 and call it an arrangement. 

- Zurf

Thats called cheating , and not allowed. Sit on the naughty step .

Easy, practice. If you can play G on 3rd fret slide up to  6th fret.  Most chords  are moveable  Or play E chord on first position and move this shape one fret at a time ,this will then give you F, F sharp, G etc...hope this helps.