Actually the band with the longest run with the original band members (though they just recently broke up) is Gladys Knight and the Pips. Not who you were expecting?


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Wow, as soon as I read that I had to go try

it, and it was so fun I had to search a couple

more terms. Great idea Mr. Admin, I'm sure this

will make searching a lot faster and more



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When I'm stuck in a rut with my playing I browse for songs I like until I find one that is slightly (or sometimes majorly) above my playing ability. I then sort of challenge myself to learn it, it keeps things interesting and you learn a new song in the bargain. Check out the Eagles, they have a good mix of easy/harder stuff and they throw in some interesting chords.


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Well there is the ridiculusly easy "Horse with no name" by America (two different E chords, it's almost mindless.) Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" (Em, A, D, C, I believe) it's not to fast and good for working on smooth transitions. The Eagles "Take it Easy" (G, C, D, Am, Em) faster, but fairly simple chords. About ninty-five percent of songs are GCD (well, I, IV, V) songs, you shouldn't have any trouble finding stuff.


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Top of the morning, afternoon, or evening depending on what timezone you're in, I'm elvenjedi I play fiddle (<u>Not</u> violin) guitar, and some mandolin and piano. I enjoy styles of music and I hate coffee (stop Starbucks before they take over the world!)


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Honestly, they get on my nerves. I don't like their lead singer whathisface's voice (flat and emotionless in my book). And I don't find their songs worth my time. But I know my brothers and a lot of other people like them, so maybe I'm just un-hip.

I'm more of a Dave Brubeck fan myself (I'm listening to Take Five right now). And while I agree with you that Elvis wasn't a talented musician or songwriter, but he was crazy enough (or oblivious enough) to go on stage and do stuff that in his time was considered obscene and dangerous (I wonder what they would think of MTV?) and in doing so opened the door for people like Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis (who was actually Elvis' second cousin). So, in that light he is kind of the "king".

A Fostex-VF80 Digital 8-track recorder hooked up to a 300-watt Kustom PA stystem and some mid-way decent mics that I can't remember the brand name of. No software (lousey computer) but the Fostex does it's job (the manual is worse than a hangover, though, and makes a lot less sense).

I have to agree that the Beatles are one of the greastest bands of all time. But I also think it's funny that no one has posted a band that pre-dates 1960. Has anyone heard of Count Basie? And I'm surprised no one's mention Elvis Presley, the first king of rock.