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Is the whole website down?     


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I found a song to add to my songbook, but when I tried to add it, my only choice was "log in and add to songbook."  I was already logged in, though. When I logged in again, it just took me to the index page, I think, and the song was still not added. Not only that, I noticed when I searched for the song again, I did not appear to be logged in again! It seems to not allow me to be logged in if I'm searching for a song. So it's just a vicious circle, over and over. Can anyone help?  Thanks, Suzy

Yes, my songbook is gone, too.  Here was the message: "mySql reports: Table './guitaradmin/songbookadmin' is marked as crashed and should be repaired"

I'm so disappointed.  I hardly ever find time to practice...