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Alreet Micky gan on utube it tells how to use your Zoom A2 av got one thats got nee pedel,ar think its great.A fellow north eastener.


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frankfef,when i play B7 with a capo on i reach over the top of the capo,so my hand is the head stock side of the capo it gives you more room to get your pinky on the first string. I hope that helps

Hi wlbaye, I Have just watched your video it was great thanks.


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Hello Bensonp, A year or so ago i asked the same question that you are asking, and a lot of the replies suggested that i buy a Breedlove, so having took advantage of the sage and wise advice i have allways received from the people who administer and populate Chordie i bought a Breedlove A C 25 /SM and i am very pleased i did its a great allround guitar, it would would allso be suitable for ZURFS bony fingers its great for picking.Good luck with your quest.


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hello kahuna i am from durham england i took to playing guitar late in life when i was fifty seven,i love every moment i practise playing and regret not taking it up earlier in my life.

i reached a milestone recently i became sixty [not to old you say ]well with the advent of my birthday came a long term insurance pay out and as a outcome i have one thousand pounds sterling to spend on a electric accoustic guitar.i have several guitars yamaha, crarter,epiphone,to name a few. i play with my fingers all of the time.so this is my question could you advise as you have allways advised me as to the guitar i should buy. please hurry with your sage advise,the payout is burning a hole in my pocket.


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hello keg i think you will find love is all around by the trogs a good beginnners tune to play sing along as you go no matter how slowly you play it,but please dont give up it may take a few months to get to where you want to be but believe me its worth the effort. chordie and the people who frequent it are a rich sorce of help and encoragement so keep asking for help, you will get it.


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hello airborne i have a crafter gae33/n i think crafters are great guitars and would not part with it.good luck with your selection.


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i can not get used to useing a plectrum at all,i strum useing the nail on my index finger i manage well enough and try to avoid any music that requires a capo from the third fret downover,as this makes the strings so taught it causes my finger to split.i am now learning to use my other fingers to strum so if i do damage my index finger i can carry on playing till it repaires its self.

just to keep upyourkilt happy my song request is     i own a crafter and a yamaha also.


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hi tibernius i have a couple of guitars with grover tuners i have no reason to complain.
i hope that helps.


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thank you once again tibernius, your help is much appreciated


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thanks, southpaw,i had a accident [all my own fault ]while moving my brand new yamaha and bent one of the tuneing pegs,i removed it and tried to straighten it
useing a little bit heat [a ronson lighter] its better but not correct thats why i am reluctant to buy a full set


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is there any where i could buy a single gold grover machine head tuner
        merry christmas and a happy new year to all chordie users.


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thats good advice bootleger and i used a craft knife to score the outline of the nut before i started to remove it,but the person who assembled my guitar must have had a couple of tubes of glue he wanted to use up,so thats why i used the hot screwdriver method.


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when i removed the old plastic nut from my guitar,it broke and left a lot of plastic and
glue i heated the end of a screwdriver on a ring on my cooker and pushing from either
end of the fingerboard [not from the centre outwards to avoid damage to the fingerboard] it was a easy task to prepare for the new nut. i hope this helps anyone else who is about to do this. thanks again tibernius


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thank you tibernius for taking the time to help me i have visited the site you
   recommended and i am sure i will find what i am looking for.


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hello to all chordie users,i have remooved the plastic nut from my lamaq grand concert
  [ it was worn through] i would like to replace it with a tusq or a bone one could you
   tell me where i could buy one in the u.k. thank you.


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bug report
                 hello admin i was trying to copy ten guitars from random song book by
                 vermcious knidd when i encounted this bug. thanks for all the work you
                 do for chordie users. your friend joe.


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hi guitarpix,i have couple of guitars that have no pickguards  have played them
every day for some time now and there is no damage on any of them.good luck


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my name is joe coal i worked in a coal mine in co durham england, i had a full set of fingers when my local coal mine closed so i did what i have allways wanted to do and started to learn guitar.i think chordie is fantastic and it and the people who write all helpfull replies on the forum have helped me to progress. thanks


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i will be 60 soon ,i worked in a coal mine and when it closed unlike a lot of my work mates i still had a full set of fingers so i took to playing the guitar when i was 57, i then discovered chordie,the help i have found on this site is fantastic.so thanks and good luck to every one who populates planet chordie, and thank you to all the administrators you have genuinely changed my life.

hello to the inhabitants of the best site on the web i was a coal miner in durham england untill they were all closed.i love reading the forum because i use all the great tips and advice to help me improove as a guitar player thank you