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I totally agree with you but music aside the lyrics is the most important thing in a song, but the catchy tunes followed great words. There is a lot of music I listen too not all favorites of mine but ill give it a chance. I personally dont care for hip hop but there are few great writters out there too. what I just meant by saying green day is one of the finest band around is they are true to themselves and their fans, no swearing on forum please what you see and listen is what you get. u2 can say that they donated so much money for charities and stuff like that but when I heard that BONO pay 1700$ first class ticket for his hat yes I did say hat to be brought to him because he forgot it I thought that was one of the most ridiculous thing I ever seen in my life. Bono its a freaking hat for pete sake. anyway keep on rocking in this kinda free world. PEACE OUT YOU ALL

Mighty Kingtut xxx


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technically I understand U2 is kinda number 1 but you have to admire their guts man. BASIC MUSIC + LYRICS THAT TOUCH = HIT. I play music and I write the day I get that formula thats the day I dont have to work a single day in my life. Just do what I love doing. Thanks for the reply by the way. PEACE OUT.



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I dont know where you get your information but the band GREEN DAY is one of the most HONNEST in this business. They wont sell out like a crap loads of other bands just to make the sale.<font color="crimson"></font>