Anyone know where I can get lyrics and chords for Mickey Newbury songs?


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Hey, Thanks wlbaye,

This is great!


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I am hoping for some more input on this myself. I saw this on the web and have seen a few videos of it. It looks really cool and I think it would work for me but I would like to hear from some people who have actually tried it before I plonk down 500 bucks for another guitar.

Anybody tried this?


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Any and all Fred Eaglesmith songs and chords please. Thanks.

What are you using to plug your guitar and mic into your computer?


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I bought this course some months ago. This post is not a critique of the course. I wouldn't know how that works. I have yet to be able to try it for any length of time.

This is a critique of the Jamorama software. It is crap! When it works, it is excruciatingly slow - and that is when it works. While I did finally manage to download all the content, I have never been able to access the lessons more than a couple of times. The rest of the time, I get an error message saying there is something wrong with my account.

Upon contacting "tech support" (what a joke!), all they did was repeat the suggestions found in the FAQ. If I hadn't already tried the suggestions in the FAQ, I wouldn't have contacted their so-called "tech support." However, I dutifully tried it again. It didn't work - again. Upon reporting that, they suggested I try something else in the FAQ - and so on ...

To sum up, maybe this is a good course; maybe it isn't. But the software itself is crap. Don't waste your money.

Just 34? Are you kidding? You are just a youngster and should have no problems at all.

I am 59 and got a guitar about two years ago. One of the first things I discovered is that I just can't move my fingers like I would like to, but you know what? I can still play.

Don't get me wrong. I'll never be Roy Clark or Chet Atkins but so what? I am me and I'm having a great time doing what I can.

Advice: Play every single day. Never let a day go by without playing. And, SING when you play. It really helps and your singing will get better.

More advice: Play every single day. Oh, I said that but it is worth repeating. Play until just before your fingers bleed then start again the next day. It won't be long until he have a set of callouses to be proud of and you can slide your fingers up and down those strings with the best of 'em.

Thanks to all. I appreciate the advice.

If this has already been covered elsewhere on Chordie, my apologies and please point me in the right direction.

I would like some information on recording voice and guitar using a computer. The end result desired is to improve singing and playing by listening to how I sound now. A by-product would be a recorded CD.

I have a computer with CD/DVD burner. I have Audacity software. I have an acoustic/electric guitar. What next?

Does anyone know of any type of thing that helps make barring easier? I was thinking of something that maybe fit on the finger sort of like a glass or metal slide but with some kind of mechanism for quick release so that finger could be used for chording. I don't know. If I had a real clear picture of what I wanted, I would make it.