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i just got a new electric guitar and amp and was playing around with the delay and found something that sounded like a classic blues/jazz bass riff.

Played on the 6th string


basicly note rest note rest note rest etc.

if you can help that would be nice

interesting i was messing around inserting other chords and messing around...you can go along way with it though


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im taking it that no one knows


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well lets see...

gimme a chocolate late so i can cry in it-some random person i was talking to

and of course my signature hehe

yeah bigots arent big on my list either jerome


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my favorite acustic guitar brand is ovation hands down they are the best i have come in contact with my guitar has smashed all the competition as far as sheer sound and looks go.  but id like to here about other peoples guitars.  especially electric guitars


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keep on pluggin after w while barre chords will be eay or atleast easier keep trying sister golden hair thats a great song to just keep practicing and when you get youll say Wow and thatt was hard at one point now lets do something harder like stariway to heaven rythym guitar solo part thingy


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im in a band and would like to know some steps from some of you thoughtful chaps out there on how to get some popularity and gigs and the like

jerome.oneil wrote:

Well, no.   Papal authority through the dark ages was about as muddled as the authority of the Monarchs.   Popes and Bishops used to have hereditary lineage, too.   They needed each other to hold onto power.  There was a period of about 400 years where there were two popes, or no pope at all.  In those times, the pope wannabes would appeal to the Monarchs for support.  If you had a weak monarch, he could appeal to Papal authority to hold onto power.   Like I said, it was a handy power sharing agreement between the Monarch and the Papists.  They helped each other remain in power.   Martin Luther was the beginning of the end, and Henry the VIII was the stake in the heart of it, but even Henry called upon the Devine Right to rule.  He just started his own church and declared himself the head of it.

yeah ive never got into religion all that much i always argue thepoinys i dislike but your right one of the finalnails in the coughin was henry the eighth but his daughter nearly brought catholisim back but his other daughter elizabeth came to power and deposed of that particular queen

jerome.oneil wrote:
sanguine wrote:

did you know the tyrants of athens and ancient greece were brought to power by the support of the people and that the people got rid of them whenever they failed in their duties?

I did know that.  Ironically,  it used to be that the Kings were elected by the people, back when they were just tribal chieftains.   I think the rise of the Catholic church after the fall of Rome had much to do with the "divine right" notion so popular amongst todays monarchs.   There was a bit of a power sharing agreement between the monarchs, and the heads of the church.  That served them well, but the people not so much.

actually there wasnt to much power sharing at all back then the pope was a very secular being and would extort the hell out of who ever disagreed.  threaten to with hold baptisms last rights and the like or excumincate the leader and say who ever follows him wont get into heaven or whatever.

id take martial arts an shooting sports not to mention hunting over baseball football of any variety, or any other such sport

jerome.oneil wrote:

While both nations have elections and peaceful transfer of power,   we have, as a final option, the 2nd Amendment.  As I'm sure young squire Sanguine will now be able to tell you,  it exists for the sole purpose of defending the citizen against the federal government.   Jefferson was quite explicit when he wrote that letter to King George III in 1776.  He stated categorically that it is not just the right, but the *obligation* of free men to throw off tyranny and oppression.

We are not subjects to the government as a result.

i completely agree with that the second ammendment is there to gaurd against political tyrants.

did you know the tyrants of athens and ancient greece were brought to power by the support of the people and that the people got rid of them whenever they failed in their duties?


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wow thats deep

hmmm ive never looked at it like that what is the difference im not up on foreign government.

Looking back at the whole argument it was kinda funny


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lucky charms


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friend of the devil-grateful dead

i am now done with this topic. it has degenerated in to a fight of words and neither of us will give up.  i do not believe there is any further point to this discussion

your unwillingness to see good is not my issue stopping the fighting is good enough in my book and it just goes to show thst nothing our country does is never ever enough or right to a democrat YOU show the very eppitomy of what a deocrat is

oh and ike was a republican and a war hero.  and another thing republicans did was:
1.the defense of kawait in the the first gulf war.
2.the overthrow of sadam hussein who was every bit of a tyrant


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you need the hardness and playing with a pick is good for beginners but its better overall if you learn to strum by hand first

oh and i have top dogs and have had them all my life and would never think of harming them
things i hate people who think they know everything in face o huge amounts of evidence to the contrary

OK heres the issue you dont know what your talking about at all your being ridiculus look it up instead of jumping to conclusions and history is my best subject.  So here yah go Henry Kissinger under Richard Nxon (admittadley not a very smart guy) settled peace accords not the Camp david ones.  those were a different time and a different conflict.  how can you write of the ending of vietnam so what we started it and we got our selves out and sved counltess more lives.  and comunism at least the fall of the ussr was a collective effort communism is a bad system its idealist it would fall eventually but us and the rest of world stood up to them and matched them move to move bomb to bomb war to war and who is still standing?

school starts the 20th and i cant weight and you want some things the grand old party did in the past 35 years ago and on to today
1.ended viet nam
2.settled peace accords between egypt syria and israel (henry kissinger under nixon)
3.stood against communists and won (admitadley so did the democrats)
i believe thats three

jerome.oneil wrote:

I find it very unfortunate that a 16 year old kid would not take the time to educate himself on important matters like civics before running off and proclaiming his distaste for "liberals,"  and opining loudly about what the founding documents of our nation mean.  I find it especially distatestful that he would fall back to semantics (I never said "hate" I said "dislike!").  That's what I call "weaseling."    Be a responsible person, and own what you do, and what you say.  If what you say is proven to be wrong, words like "Gosh, I guess I was wrong" will go a long way to improving your stature.  It shows strength of character.

I know you may not like it, but words mean things.  The words in the Constitution mean things.    They do not mean what you wish they meant, nor do they mean something other than what they say.  They mean exactly what they say. The only words for which you get to make up a definition are the words that you make up yourself.   

There is a huge body of study behind the Constitution, and the founder's intent, which you are obviously unfamiliar with.  If you are interested in having your own opinions rather than just parroting what you've been told, you might try to educate yourself a bit with that.  Education in civics is pretty important.  Right now is the time in your life when you want to take advantage of it.  Politics is not a team sport.  It is the basis on which the future of our nation will be founded, and uneducated voters make for bad government.

1.saying that politics is not a team sport is ridiculus maybe for corrupt politicians it is but thats about it.

2.the constitution is constanlty being reviewed and inturpreted by politicians and lawyers in order to protect our civil rights and fixing things that have become uneeded and/or harmful to the growth of the united states

well i will take it to hart but you havent proved me wrong either i will learn more thats true but the fact that the constitution is a "living thing" is not false it is constantly being scrutinized and can be changed it is open to interpratation but can only be modified by those elected not by me or you. and yes words do mean things like "weaseling" like hate and dislike are two very different things and that is inarguable over 6 million of my people died in the 1930s-40s do to one mans hate.  i dislike liberal views but many of my friends are liberals would i destroy them for there beleifs? no! so weaseling or not there is difference and i maybe uneducated but what you SEE and what you dont is for another time