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I cant think pf any but any song with a good instumental like stair way to heaven are nice and spanish/latino music sound pretty too in songs like hotel arizona


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It happens to every one and you can even here it on Cds and records i.e.Sister Golde Hair buy America you can hear it


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i my self have been only playing for 3 years wich pales in comparison to some. but from what i know martins are generaly known to be good instruments but i dont know. you can get a chart of what each string plays at what fret i.e low E string F  F#  G  G#. or you could try playing some one elses to see the


              Best of luck


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I think it could be one of two things it could be the strings or the guitar if its the latter you should pon that one and buy a new

guitar. a martin or an ovation are good and stay in tune. if you are serious about playing just spend the money and but a godd one its not like it will die just take good care about it