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Chickenjedi, you've answered my question too.  My guitar was displaying the exact symptoms you'd described, relatively tuned at the 5th sounded fine, as soon as I held a chord it was like Les Dawson took a hold. It sounded terrible.  So do I simply listen to how the note sounds in order to get it right at the 12th?  Or is there a note I am looking for and will my electronic tuner be of use?


P.S. For those who have never seen Les Dawson, try here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZh8LJOy4xI


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Hi all, I'm Steve Murray, I live in York, England.

I've been learning to play the guitar in earnest for about 18 months.  I never wanna stop.

Every song I hear I'm trying to pick out the guitar rhythm then follow it up with a quick browse on Chordie.  I love the fact that now you can search through Chordies songs for "Easy" or "With Chord Grids" etc.

Tip for strumming rhythm/pattern.

Just in reply to an earlier posting from Omkomo, I find that I use the seam of my right trouser leg, as though that was the strings, in order to get the up and down rhythm to a song, any song, just one you hear on the radio you like.  As the up and down motion produce a sightly different sound, like guitar strings do, you geta good feel for the rhythm at times when your guitar isn't available.  One final tip, buy a guitar stand, put your guitar somewhere accessible, if you can get to it you'll pick it up more, even for a few minutes at a time, it all adds up.  It was the best thing I ever bought (second to the guitar that is!)

PS Use your own trouser leg not mine or somebody elses.


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Has anyone been lucky enough to come across the chords for "Just a wave" by Jimmie Dale Gilmore?

I can find the lyrics, but the chords are causing some trouble.

Best regards


Ditto.  I trawled Chordie (All hail the mighty Chordie) for hours and hours, looking for songs I recognised that only had 2 or 3 chords.  Playing the songs I knew made me feel better about all the hours I'd put in with nothing to show.  The other piece of advice I'd picked up from here, always stretch yourself, once you can use the chords you know inside out, pick more, don't stop.

Remember, there are people on the Chordie forum that have forgotten more than some of us will ever know about the guitar, use their knowledge.  I found out long ago, that whatever you're feeling, however much you're angered by your lack of progress, you're not the first.

Like peterhobden said, it takes patience, but it is so worth it.



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Hi peeps.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the various symbols are that I find ll over the chrods kind folk send in and also on the chord sheets as supplied by Chordie.

The first one is the "=0D" found in Garth brooks' If Tomorrow never comes.

Secondly, on the resources page, if you select the

"A large chord chart" link, what does the symbol mean over the A string (second from top) on the chord for A+

Any help would be most gratefully received as usual.

Best Regards

Black Stet

Anyone know where I can find the chords for "Loving you makes me a better man" by Hal Ketchum, I've looked under the song and the artist but can find neither.

Any help would be most gratefully received.


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G suits me, a great sounding chord.

Thanks for that Martzw


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Hi y'awl.

Does anyone know any country songs that are kinda easy to play.

Avoiding the F & B chords, I've only been playing for 3 or 4 months and they're just WAY too outta my league!

Thanks for any help or advice y'awl can give.



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I just signed up to this site having used it for the past few months.  So let me first say a massive Hi Y'awl to everyone on the forum, like Barto just said, you sure are a friendly bunch.

Having read some questions and answers I now don't feel alone.  Suddenly I know all these people in the same boat, struggling with the same things I struggle with, and doing the same things I do to get round it.  From finding music to strum patterns to using an MP3, it's all been done before.  It sure is nice to know.  Standing on the shoulders of giants eh!!

So, apart from thanking everyone in advance for their help, there's only 2 things left to do, read some more and go fetch my guitar.

PS, if anyone's got any good easyish country songs they know then feel free to let me know.