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Thanks for your response. I've been an Ovation fan since I saw Jim Croce played one back in the 70's. And, I do have a hard case for mine.

Playing wise, I'm getting more familiar with bar chords, and now starting to learn the finger style. String wise, I'm using Elixir .011 strings.  These are a bit easier on my fingers.  They don't sound too bad, but I will definitely have to try the Martin one of these days. 

I will have to keep a picture of an Adamas on my wall until I can afford one. 

Again, thanks for your feedback.


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Hi there

I swear by Ovation and have a Legend which is almost 30 years old, it is in mint condition as I have always looked after it, if you have not got a hard case for your guitar yet, think about it.

I don't know how established a guitarist you are but you can't go wrong if you practice finger style and take it one step at a time.

Once you have mastered finger style the chords sound a lot more exciting, even the simple ones.

I use Martin Acoustic light 80/20 bronze as they are easy to pick and have an amazing sound.

I am sure you will get that Adamas one day, the more you pay the more you get, Ovation certainly offer quality when you get to the higher end of their market.  Good Luck



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There are quite a bit of beginner books with simples songs out there.  You can go on-line (Ebay) for used ones, or check your local music shops.  One of the big publishers is Hal Leonard. They have a variety of guitar books from beginners to more advanced players.

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Hi, i've just started teaching myself to play the guitar and i was wondering if anyone has a songbook/ knows of a songbook (on the site) that consists of mostly beginner songs?



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I totally agree! I don't really read music, and have been playing since I was a teenager (I'm 40 now.)  I rediscovered the love for playing again recently.

Guitar lessons on CD/DVD do help somewhat. But, in order to get better, you must spend the time and practice!  I spend about 1 hour a day practicing.  Like BAZ said, pick a few songs that you really love.  For me, I love the Eagles!  And, play along with the real songs, and try to switch chords when they do. Do the same with the strumming patterns.  Then, once you think you have it decent, play the songs on your guitar alone.  I found this to be very helpful!

It also helps that you learn a few major chords first, like 'G','D','C','E',and 'A'.  Try to strum and switch between these chords on your own, and build up those calluses on your fingertips! 

Good luck & play with passion!

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To be honest a CD/DVD isn't going to increase your chord changing speed...

Thats a matter for practice, I found that trying to intergrate a couple of chords, not within a song, but just say, D to Am then adding in G once I had the chord chaging down perfect for the first two...

Keep doing that, mixing up the order, changing teh pattern and the chord changes will come naturally...

As far as strumming patterns, certainly I've found that the best thing to do is pick out your favourite songs, ones which you would know from jsut the first few chords and try playing along with them.... The strumming pattern comes fairly naturally after that, but it'll be even easier once you get the chord changes down pretty naturally.. You'll find that once you lose the pauses between chords your strumming pattern will fall into place...

Hope this helps, good luck.. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif" border=0 alt="Very Happy">

Thanks!  I appreciate the advice.



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I officially bought my first Ovation today! It's a used Celebrity CS257, and it's a couple of years old. 

Anyone who plays Ovation please share your tips and tricks (if any) that you may have.  Maybe, one day, I can afford the Adamas model...dream on! 

And, yes! It was a close decision between a Takamine and the Ovation.

Hello All,

I'm new to this forum and enjoying all the topics so far.

I like to get some thoughts on the best way to strengthening the fingers, so I can hold the chords better. I have a small hand and sometime get cramps when trying to stretch my pinky on a long chord.

Is there a good exercise one can do?

Any ideas would be appreciated.